Pastor Matty: Virtuous woman


SHE is a bold, gifted and fearless woman who exerts her soft power effectively without the need to compromise on her femininity. Driven by the desire to succeed, Matty Mwanamuchenda Namuyamba is a woman of mettle.

Pastor Matty a mother of four, preacher of the gospel, motivational speaker and businesswoman is independent and a gender activist with a unique leadership style.
Teacher and an accomplished pastor, she is a woman with deep insight into God’s word. Her unique unction and utterance has endowed her to the hearts of millions of people around the world.

A wife to Apostle Joshua Namuyamba, Pastor Matty’s journey through to success came through hard work. She is second in command at Rhema Life Embassy, a church she founded with her husband who is the Overseer.

Born in the 1980s to Beatrice Chilobe and Edward Mwanamuchende, Pastor Matty is also the founder of the Color Lady , which is an annual fun packed life changing event which attracts ladies from all sectors of society such as entrepreneurs, models, accountants, lawyers, housewives, beauticians and many more who come together encourage each other.
Pastor Matty did her primary school at Lusaka Girls and Livingstone Primary school, proceeded to do junior secondary school at Zimba secondary school and did senior secondary school at Arakan and Lotus secondary school.

Upon completion of her secondary school, Pastor Matty proceeded to the University of Zambia, where she studied Information Technology then years later enrolled at Word of Faith Bible school at Winners Chapel. She then went to International School of Ministry under Christ Embassy church.
Pastor Matty, who is also Rhema Life Church executive director, has dedicated her life to preaching the gospel and helping empower women.

“My biggest dream is to raise people to stand up for what they believe in based on the foundation of the word of God, to also impact people’s lives in a God-fearing manner to bring them to a place where they can live a free life in this world,” she said.
She said this is the reason she has founded the Color Lady, an organisation aimed at empowering women. “My desire is to see women from different sectors of society be what God intended them to be and to never underestimate the difference they can make in the lives of others through the many events we hold under the Color Lady”.

She said the Color Lady is not restricted to her church members but is spread and open to all women out there to be part of what God is doing as well as to instil in the minds of people that even Christians who are born again can have fun and interact.
Pastor Matty believes there is also something for every person and the Color Lady is one of the events that women can realise their full potential and contribute to the well-being of society.

Under the Color lady, fashion show is held, motivational talks, talent search and identification for upcoming musicians, beauticians, business women, preaching of the word and many more events.
She said it is through events held under the Color lady that gender-based violence (GBV) is discussed and seek lasting solutions to the problem.

“It is sad that even when GBV is being talked about, cases are increasing hence the need for women and men to get involved and talk about it even in church. It is sad that men do not want to come out in the open even when they are abused by their wives,” she said.
Just as much as prayer moves mountains, GBV can be stopped by both prayer and action, says Pastor Matty.
She said GBV should be talked about even in the church, to help couples realise that violence should not be entertained at whatever cost.

The pastor said if GBV is kicked out of the church and eventually out of society, both men and women can freely embark on the great commission which the Lord Jesus Christ commanded every Christian to preach the word of God.
She said the commission is for everyone, women, men and young people. “It is not only men who are called but everyone and the role of women is just as important in the kingdom of God”.

Pastor Matty said it is the reason she believes in women empowerment because every woman has a unique perspective and a voice they can add to society and help in both the social and economic sectors.
Pastor Matty draws her inspiration from Prophetess Beverly Angel of Spirit Embassy church whom she describes as one who is dedicated to doing God’s work. Prophetess Angel is also her spiritual mother.

The pastor is also inspired by international preacher Joyce Meyer while on the local scene, Bishop Nelly Chikwanda inspires her.
She describes herself as a goal getter and determined to make an imprint on various projects interests she runs.
Pastor Matty’s favourite scripture is 2 Corinthians 3: 2 which says, “You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men”.

The Pastor said she loves the scripture because she believes every person’s life should be an epistle and one’s life should portray a good example.
Asked on how she starts her day, Pastor Matty says she starts her day committing it to the Lord and then later ensures that her husband’s needs are put in place and children are ready for either school or church.
She says,” I have found the key to successfully balancing the multiple roles in my life. My secret is to put God first. My faith sets the tone for each day’’.