Nakonde police pick up body of murdered boy


POLICE in Nakonde have picked a body of a three-year-old boy with a deep cut on the left side of the neck, two days after he went missing from home.

Both Muchinga Province police commissioner Auxensio Daka and George Mukuka, the deceased boy’s grandfather confirmed the development yesterday, naming the boy as Gillard Simfukwe of Katozi, whose body was dumped in the bush along TAZAMA pipeline road in Nakonde.

Daka said Winford Simbaya, 42, of Katozi reported to police on Friday that his stepson, Gillard, had been found dead at Katozi after he went missing for two days.

He explained that the members of the public found the body following a search.
According to Mukuka, his daughter Esther had gone to Nakonde’s TAZARA market to buy foodstuffs, leaving her son with friends playing at their rented flats.

He said on her return, she discovered that her son was not there and no one knew where he had gone.

Mukuka explained that after a fruitless search, the matter was reported to Nakonde police station, who also advised that the section chairman be informed.

He said the body of his grandson was found with a deep cut in the neck, a sign that the heart was removed; wounds on the ribs and stomach and a scrotal sac (scrotum) was ripped open with missing testicles and believed that it was ritual killing.

And Swinya Section Two chairman, Eric Singoyi, expressed shock at the cruel murder of the toddler who had not wronged anyone.

He appealed to Nakonde residents to combine forces with law enforcers in the fight against such murderers and ensure that killers of the boy were brought to book.

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