Kitchen party, wedding committees abusive

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THE Torn Apart article published in last week’s Sunday Mail cannot go by without a comment.

The writer was spot on and thank you for bringing this issue out in the public.

There is no harm in a bride-to-be creating a committee for her kitchen party and wedding.
However, many brides-to-be nowadays seem to have turned the noble act of people selflessly rendering financial support to their events into a business venture.
These brides-to-be would form as many as four committees for one event and, first of all, force people to be part of the groupings.
Worse off, tell every member to contribute as much as K500 and even give a deadline of about two months before the event. Why should one hold the people helping you at ransom?

The single people have been the major culprits as they are afraid to turn down such offers, lest they do not receive such support when their turn to get married comes.
Imagine how much you would have saved if you were forcibly put in five committees requesting you to pay K300 or K500, especially with this biting economy.
Brides-to-be, please be more reasonable and do not hold people at ransom.
If you do not have enough money to hold such functions, why not go the Chombela Ng’anda way, or better still just do the marriage formalities without a ceremony and start making your home.

Sadly, many of those brides-to-be who demand for huge sums of money from their colleagues end up being stingy with their money when the marriage takes place and their colleagues are also asking for contributions towards their weddings and kitchen parties.
I rest my case.