10 years of marriage: Man still behaves single


THE couple was together for 10 years. Into their third year of marriage, she started complaining about her husband’s behaviour. Ideally, a couple is expected to still be enjoying their marriage during such an early stage in their marriage. Unfortunately, this was not the case for the two.
The man had already started staying out late and sometimes spend nights at one of his many girlfriends’ place. Whenever she raised concern, he would claim the car broke down or he had to drop off a friend.
He ran out of excuses to a point where he would simply ignore her questions over his whereabouts.
Her son and daughter also wondered why their father was rarely home.
To them it was as though he was not even living with them. Whenever he arrived home the children would be sleeping. This was on the days that he would return home.
He would also leave very early morning. She was the one doing the school runs. When she complained that the two needed to take turns in doing school runs, seeing that it would be an opportunity for him to spend time with his children, he always said he was very busy at work.

He reminded her that she was a housewife and needed not complain about school runs. He would say that after all, he was the provider.
During their ups and downs, the church elders would sit them down to try and iron out their problems. He would behave for a week, but again go back to his old ways.
Traditionally, a woman is expected to make a marriage work and that is what she tried to do. Being human, one could only take in so much.

What sent her packing was when her son fell ill and was admitted. While she was spending nights by her son’s bedside, the husband was busy merry-making. She had no idea to what extent.
When her son was finally discharged, her husband was not even available to pick them from the hospital. When she phoned him to ask the husband to pick them up from the hospital, his phone went unanswered. She hired a taxi to take her and the son home.

She was greeted with a house that was in disarray. It looked as though people had been partying. The living room had broken glass, the kitchen sink was full of dirty dishes. The maid obviously hadn’t been round to tide up.
When she went to her bedroom, she found a pair of jeans that did not belong to her and some of her belongings missing. Distressed, she sat on her bed and wept. There was no doubt that while she was nursing her son in hospital, the husband was busy taking women to their home, worse still even entertaining them in their bedroom.

At this point, no one was going to convince her to stay. She had had it with her inconsiderate husband.
He was a player. The same player he was 10 years ago but she had hoped he would change.
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