Frank Bwalya’s Lies and Deceit

Ministers,and other guests taking seats in the VIP tent. In the pictures is Hon. Jean Kapata, Mwenye Musenge, Prof. Wilombe and Hon. Chisala including ABZ Pesident Father Frank Bwalya
Father Frank Bwalya

Chatterbox Frank Bwalya’s allegations that the UPND are dressing their members in PF regalia to disrupt UPND events and attack supporters, including in Matero this Sunday, is offensive and completely unfounded.

As UPND we have been consistent in our rejection of lies, violence and deception, from whatever place or person it comes from. Bwalya’s willingness to throw about such baseless and careless allegations shows why he failed in his capacity as a priest and is now failing to run his own political party. A former man of God but now a man of gold, it looks like he will say anything to try and retain his access to State House.

We have seen that telling lies and spreading hate speech is part of the PF’s DNA but such lies can only conceal the truth for so long. The PF have told lies on job creation, lies on power cuts, lies on mealie meal shortages, and lies on saving jobs. Zambians now know their true character. We are comforted that Zambians are no longer accepting the PF lies.

As UPND, we know that there is nothing to be gained from violence and deceit. We have instead been committed to focusing on our consistent economic messages and advising the PF on the issues impacting the daily lives of Zambians across the country, such as joblessness and the increasing cost of living.

Stephen Katuka
UPND Secretary General