We won’t boycott …and leave Zambia in the hands of this drunkard – HH

HH teargassed
HH teargassed

WE cannot boycott the coming elections and leave the country in the hands of a drunkard whose preoccupation is socialising and going to nightclubs, says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema. President Lungu on Friday said opposition political parties who are uncomfortable with the work of the Electoral Commission of Zambia should boycott the coming elections. “Let me point out that I believe in the ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia; they are one of the best in the region and in Africa and have never been found wanting.

So those who are fearing that there will be rigging are actually trying to find an excuse for their loss, the writing is on the wall,” said President Lungu on arrival in Livingstone where he went to officiate at the World Farmers Organisation general assembly, adding that the opposition should not participate in the August 11 general elections if they are not ready. But Hichilema says the presidency cannot be left to drunkards like President Lungu and warned that imposing the Dubai-based company to print ballot papers so that the PF could win the elections would not be tolerated. “My message to him is that he will be disappointed if he expects us to boycott elections. Let him forget it.

He believes that he can lure us into boycotting so that he can survive in the presidency. He knows he is gone. He is very aware, even his own people around him have told him that ‘bwana, sakilani tundalama tun’gono muguleko ka nyumba (Look for money to buy a house) otherwise you are going. He is aware that he is exiting on account that he has failed to run the country,” Hichilema said. “The presidency cannot be left in the hands of a reckless person like Edgar Lungu who only enjoys socialising and going to nightclubs. It is common knowledge that Lungu is a drunkard, and we are not going to boycott the elections so that the country remains in his hands.” He said Zambians will not allow PF to impose the Dubai-based company to print the ballot papers. “My second message is that he will not impose a Dubai printing company for ballot papers so that they can assist him in the election to do dubious arrangements.

He will not do that and he will not impose that. Citizens will not agree to the Dubai printing company, citizens will not agree to fiddle with the elections. Citizens want a free, fair, transparent and credible election. He knows that under that environment, he is gone on account of failure to deliver. Lungu must not be afraid of losing office, we will give him a safe passage unlike him who has been tear-gassing citizens, the opposition, and arresting us…we will give him a safe passage. I know that is his worry,” Hichilema said. “I am assuring him that we will give him safe passage, he will go and rest wherever he wants to go and rest in Zambia and spend more time to socialise, since he likes socialising a lot. He enjoys nightclubs, so let him socialise and we will then focus on running the economy and the country.” He said President Lungu’s failures were evident to every citizen. “Everything in this country is negative. We have the worst budget fiscal deficit; he has blown our resources into negative position. We have an energy deficit because of his poor and incompetent leadership…

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