Ndola businessman hands himself over to police after murdering his Mufulira wife

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A Ndola businessman has handed himself to the police after killing his wife and putting her body in a deep freezer for three days.
According to reliable police sources, Thomas Van Rooyen, 50, killed his wife identified as Betsheba Nanyinza around 03:00 hours on Wednesday.
“This Van Rooyen is married to two women; one in Mufulira and one in Ndola. So he went to his Mufulira home around 01:00 hours on Wednesday. His house is A 100 Kansuswa.

There, he found the wife with a boyfriend, making love in the sitting room and according to the report, the woman switched off the lights and allowed the boyfriend to escape using the alternative kitchen door,” police sources revealed. “The man started beating up the wife, bundled her into the car, drove some distance but they continued fighting on the road. According to the man himself, he hit the wife with the iron bar and she died.”
Police explained that the man bundled the wife’s body and drove to his second home in Ndola where he dumped the body in his deep freezer.

“The man claimed he was alone when he was doing all this because the first wife and children were away on some vacation,” police sources revealed.
They said the relatives of the deceased started looking for her as she was reported missing and after some pressure, Van Rooyen handed himself to police and later revealed what he did.

The sources said when they rushed to Van Rooyen’s Ndola home, they found the body of the deceased in the fridge just as he confessed.
The police say a postmortem would be conducted on Monday and Nanyinza’s body is currently in Ndola Central Hospital mortuary.
Van Rooyen has been charged with murder.
And police spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda stated that after killing his wife, Van Rooyen took her body to Ndola and put it in his freezer and went back to Mufulira and reported himself to the police.

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