Four die in separate incidences

Lake Bangweulu
Lake Bangweulu

Four people of Chilubi district have died in separate incidences in the area.
Nine year old Pyson Chilamba of Kashita village in Kanchindi ward died on the spot when he fell off a tree where he was playing with his friends after suffering a seizure.
In the other incident, 20 year old Stephen Mulenga of Mampanda village in the same ward also drowned last night around 23:00 hours when he went fishing with his colleagues in Lake Bangweulu.
His body was picked up at 06:00 hours this morning.


Relatives to the deceased have confirmed the deaths of both Chilamba and Mulenga in
separate interviews.
And Kashitu ward councillor Victoriano Sholela said two unknown people also drowned when they went fishing on the lake near Kambashi River.
Mr. Sholela has appealed to people to be wary of strong winds and currents currently being experienced on Lake Bangweulu to safeguard their lives.