‘Jerabo’ joins Parley race

Jerabos, Youngson Kalobo
Leader of the Copperbelt based group of small-scale miners, popularly known as the Jerabos, Youngson Kalobo - Photo Credit ; Derrick Yoram Kafuti

THERE is so much work to be done in order to support young people through various initiatives aimed at empowering them economically, Wusakile’s Patriotic Front aspiring parliamentary candidate Pavyuma Kalobo has said.

Mr Kalobo, who is one of the leaders of the small scale miners commonly referred to as the ‘‘Jerabos’’ on the Copperbelt, cited the recent pronouncement by the Ministry of Youth and Sport in which young people had been offered 200 buses as one of the initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of youths under the PF government.

He said young people must not be used as instigators of violence as it would negatively affect efforts aimed at identifying key areas in which they could participate in national development.

Mr Kalobo said young people should not allow themselves to be used as tools of violence ahead of the 2016 General Elections, but that they should put their heads together for business initiatives that would build their image in society.
He said this when he met a group of young people during the long Easter weekend where he explained that President Edgar Lungu and the PF had provided clear guidelines on improving the welfare of young people in the country.

“As we go towards the election, I want to plead with you my fellow young people that no one should come to you and give you a little money so that you can go and beat up other people.
“That is not empowerment. You need to say no to violence and stand up and be a positive agent of change,” he said. Mr Kalobo said they would soon be launching the Wusakile Constituency Initiative to supplement the efforts of the PF Government aimed at raising the profile of young people in the country.
“This is a message that I will not stop preaching to you, we need to cultivate a culture of tolerance and forgiveness, and this Easter period provides an opportunity for us to reflect.
“My appeal to other candidates is for them to ensure that they safeguard the peace that we have enjoyed for so long and not use young people as tools of violence against fellow Zambians,” Mr Kalobo said.