Kitwe wife shocks court,admits sleeping with cousin

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A RESIDENT of Zambia compound in Kitwe on Friday admitted in the local court that she has been having sex with her cousin in her husband’s absence. In this case, Andrew Nkandu sued his wife, Hellen Mwape, for divorce on grounds of adultery and incest.

Appearing before local court magistrates Ronald Chinda, Jona Mwaba and Evelyn Chakufwaya, Mwape shocked a packed courtroom when she admitted that she had been having sex with her cousin, Emmanuel Mwaba, on her matrimonial bed. Both Mwape and Mwaba are charged with adultery and incest contrary to the Laws of Zambia. It is alleged that on February 25, Mwaba was found having sex with Mwape on her matrimonial bed. Mwape told the court that immediately her husband left for work, Mwaba entered their house and the two went into the bedroom. “When my husband left, Mwaba came to my place and we went to the bedroom and started having sex, but shortly [afterwards], my husband came in and started beating Mwaba.

I was scared and I ran into my neighbour’s bedroom and hid under their bed,” said Mwape. And Nkandu told the court that on February 25 he left home for work but on his way, he realised that he had forgotten his keys and decided to return to collect them. He told the court that upon reaching home, he found his wife and her cousin having sex on his bed. “I opened the main door and went directly to the bedroom but immediately I opened the bedroom door, I saw my wife on top of this man having sex and when I looked down on the floor, I discovered that the two were even sniffing a substance known as insuko (snuff) and that’s how I screamed…for help from the people,” Nkandu explained. He further said a mob immediately surrounded his house in view of what was happening and attempted to beat Mwaba. But Nkandu said he was afraid that the angry mob could kill Mwaba, so he opted to lock him inside the house and went straight to the police to report the matter.

However, in his defence, Mwaba told the court that he did not have sex with Nkandu’s wife but was only sitting in their living room. “He [Nkandu] found me in the sitting room and I was dressed, but I was shocked that he started beating me for no reason and injured me badly,” said Mwaba. Magistrate Chinda told Mwaba that he had committed a very serious case for which he needed to be punished. “You just wanted to waste court’s time by denying the offence and you know that this is not the first time that you are sleeping with this woman who is also your cousin and this should be a lesson to everyone that sex is not a dosage that people have to take in the morning and afternoon, so you are going to pay for these damages you have caused,” said magistrate Chinda. The court fined Mwaba K15,000 to compensate Nkandu for sleeping with his wife and to be paying him K1,000 every month effective April 29.

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