PF Cadres Strip Woman Naked While Police Watch

PF Cadres Strip Woman Naked While Police Watch
PF Cadres Strip Woman Naked While Police Watch

The pain of motherhood is being felt as never before in Zambia following violent attacks by Police and PF supporters that have resulted in both emotional and physical damage.

These scars will live with us. Such action must be brought to a stop and the perpetrators must be brought to justice.

President Lungu is Commander in Chief but yet he is silent and, as in other areas, he has failed to be action-oriented in curtailing the spiralling violence across the country.

We need a leadership and a government that will protect women’s rights as human rights. The youth are the fabric of our society and it is this fabric that is now being destroyed under our watch as mothers.

Therefore as women let’s unite and rise. We call upon the NGOCC and other women’s organisations to immediately set-up psychosocial counselling centres across the country to cater for the ever-rising number of young women being brutalised by PF cadres, even while the Police watch.

As women let’s be there for each other regardless of which political party, religious affiliation, creed or colour we are coming from. We should form a front to protect our children and women’s rights more broadly.

The country is clearly on autopilot. Law and order has broken down, Zambia is by literal definition a failed state and if action is not taken we are soon headed for anarchy.

The Police are supposed to protect the life of Zambian citizens, and the reason they fall under control of the Executive, and ultimately the President, is to enable the person occupying that office to govern the country effectively. President Lungu is now governing a country where there are no longer any Police. If there were, we would not have women being stripped and abused for wearing party regalia. We cannot have young men and women that are less than one kilometre from our Vice President being stoned for simply wearing party regalia.

The young woman who was stripped and abused is one of us. It could have been the daughter, sister or mother of anyone of us. We therefore cannot accept the silence coming from President Edgar Lungu on this matter.

This is unacceptable and barbaric by the PF to do this merely five days after Women’s Day. Where are the women in PF on this issue, Vice President Inonge Wina, Dora Siliya, Nkandu Luo and the talkative Mumbi Phiri when we need her to speak up now?

Zambia is degenerating into chaos under President Lungu’s watch, and yet this is the man who was boasting in Bweengwa that he has the power to take action over an issue that was stage-managed. Why is he shying away from taking action on those Police officers on duty and the PF cadres that were part and parcel of the fracas on Youth Day?

The officers that were watching helpless school children, who went to commemorate their day but had to scamper and run to safety, must be punished. There is no point in having them wearing taxpayers uniforms if they cannot or will not protect us.

Further, this action of publicly stripping women by PF cadres will make participation of women in politics even more difficult.

In this country under PF, and specifically under Lungu, life is fast becoming worthless. How many people have lost lives for being politically aligned with the opposition? Grayzer Matapa was killed; the Police maimed Mweemba a few weeks ago. Lungu and the PF have failed and they should leave the stage.

Namakau Kabwiku
National Women’s Chairperson