HH is the chosen one of Zambia, Malawi Prophet Austin Liabunya insists

HH teargassed
HH teargassed

Below is the recent Zambian Prophecy the Prophet has released

WHAT i see for Zambia is confusion, confusion, confusion. Lets pray for his economy, her money. Let’s pray for her elections which will be bloody. Let the body of Christ be united and pray for the country against violence. There will be too much of it both before and after the elections..

God speaks to Zambia, “I love Zambia, therefore I chose myself a leader whom you rejected and you still want to reject him again but I will perform a miracle either through violence with organisations interventions or not but i will make it come to pass. If you want to fake my Word again, yes it will happen because of your evil but i will still finally make my Word come to pass.

Because I have put the development of this country in his hands though you’re all blinded not knowing how I will bless this land through Hichilema and change the economy of this land through him completely to become the best!

Wake up! Wake up! Oh my people! Open your eyes! For its time for your salvation! Don’t reject what I have chosen and given you! Says the Lord! You my Holy servants in Zambia, stand with him, pray for him for I will make him not to forget you! He shall promote you and grow your churches for I have put my FEAR in him but he shall be rejected!” says God, “I love Zambia!”


  1. In zambia we believe in a true God not in magic.these are falce propherts instead of preaching about second comming of christ u are busy prophecise politics?