Canisius Banda fails to pay house rentals

UPND Vice president in-charge of Politics Dr. Canisius Banda
UPND Vice president in-charge of Politics Dr. Canisius Banda

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) vice-president Canisius Banda is on the verge of eviction after failing to settle his house rentals.
His landlady, Chali Tumelo, alleges that Dr Banda has been a difficult tenant in paying the rentals.

“He has been staying in my house for nine years and paying rent has been very difficult. Sometimes Dr Banda would pay rentals after a month or at times, it takes two months for him to pay. After so many defaults, we decided to give him seven days ultimatum in which to pay, but still he has continued defaulting,” she said.
Ms Tumelo said Dr Banda pays K5,500 per month, although the market rate in PHI is between K7,000 and K8,000.

“The money he is paying is very little. We have not increased rentals because he has been there for a long time. I had planned to evict him but he pleaded with us, and we gave him a chance because at the time, he had lost his wife,” she said.
Ms Tumelo said she entered into a new contract with Dr Banda, but he has continued defaulting, and that when she asked for the payment of rentals, he allegedly went to the extent of insulting her.

“I have all the text messages as proof of the insults he sent to my mobile phone. Dr Banda started treating me as though I was his tenant and he was the landlord. My lawyer and I have asked him to vacate the house on March 31st,” she said.
Ms Tumelo said she has asked Dr Banda to renovate her house before moving out.

But Dr Banda said the allegation is not true and that he has hardly known Ms Tumelo.
Dr Banda said some people are trying to taint his name because he is a politician.

Zambia Daily Mail


  1. This man is useless, if he had chosen to live in George compound paying K1000 per month, he was going to save K4500 per month in tens months buy a plot in better area and saving at the same rate, after 4years from the time of buying a plot he should have being a land lord and avoid such embarrassment. Such are the type of a leader you want to give the country to rule. Who can not manage their home life, how are they going to manage our country.

  2. economy your ar lucky he evn pays in ths economy downfall sure some one stays in your house for nine years,mulekwatako uluse

  3. economy your ar lucky he evn pays in ths economy downfall sure some one stays in your house for nine years,mulekwatako uluse

  4. I know he has built a nice house in mandevu for the parents and am wondering how he can fail to build his own.Thats why they say politics is a dirty game.

  5. I know he has built a nice house in mandevu for the parents and am wondering how he can fail to build his own.Thats why they say politics is a dirty game.

  6. U can’t stay with someone for nine years and sayin this Coz its time to Vote awe come on

  7. Its not true this is not our story it will nt chang anything we love HH he will chang. Our country for better awe how can the landlord say this story. In the open. Place he can u stay with somone for nine years without and its our house u will move him out awe its a lie

  8. Lol .ba millionaire hh can’t even buy his friend a small house even in matero?

    If HH can’t keep his own people then how can he look after Zambia as a nation?

  9. Dr. Banda can’t fail to pay rent. Stop tarnishing the man’s good image. You have sought to find wrong in him, but unfortunately you have failed.

  10. Dr Banda pays rent but he delays in paying the rentals – according to the story above and their tenancy contact is private . So for this landlord to make this public, then he wants to gain some political mileage from Paya Farmer PF which will not work. Zambians needs food, Cheap Fertiliser, availability of power, low interest rates, controlled inflation, paying civil servant’s in time, continuity of learning at Cbu & Unza. Jobs for youths who are qualifying every year but there are no jobs. Not cheap propaganda & lies over Dr Banda , noooo. After all the Dr has houses after serving in Zambia and out of the country as a medical doctor. If he is renting then he wishes to rent because he making big monies from his properties.

    • But why being a difficult tenant? This person has take advantage of his public life to push him to pay. This man knows he is a public figure and should avoid to be found in such situation. He would have borrowed from friends who includes HH or GBM. You mean such men cannot help him? Can’t his party help him? Why troubling a poor person like his landlord? This is a big shame!

  11. Have you paid rent yourself? What are you up to with this story? Is he the only one with rental arrears the whole Zambia?

    • Come on man that person rub shoulders with the millionaire friend honestly not even a loan sure?
      Well that’s why he is busy cause he wants to come and steal

  12. woman take heart mr banda you threatening with eviction is both your tenant n your incoming vice president, and alongside gbm. hold your patience mum, your reward is almost ripe

  13. This is cheap propaganda by some confused political criminal elements. Nine years sure only to bring up the issue when elections are near. Let Dr Canisius Banda. alone please.

    • Staying in another person’s house without paying rentals is political? Put your thinking in correct order

    • …it’s all nonsense, Lazarous! Cheap slander. Defamation. Dirty politics. It is well, my friends!

    • They is no smoke without fire Mr banda just ask your friend for a loan and get a house so that you settle down.

      And that means that you’re Brock that’s why you’re busy making feck promises to people so that you can come and finish what your friend left?

    • Who does that?? Nine years is long time to evict someone during the period families are Dr Banda

    • This is very embarrassing. How cud one bring dis issue to the public as is someone has run away? Cheap politics

    • This is very embarrassing. How cud one bring dis issue to the public as is someone has run away? Cheap politics

    • Please people let’s be civilised n matured in whatever things we re doing pliz twapapata sana mwebantu ba mu chalo cha zambia.

    • #DrBanda, wat? if u r a professional. Does it mean u dont hv 2pay yo bill on tym.. U r da same pipo who supports da student 2riot wen da govment fail 2pay them on tym. #PayYoBillsOnTime-Dr

  14. People called Edgar Lungu a drunkard and alt of stories emerged from nowhere.Now today you say why bring up such stories today.This is politics not football.Politics te ya bana iyo

  15. I think this is the type of propaganda that we don’t need, 9 years is a long period of time. Where were you all this long? And to you who are condemning the upnd leadership think before you comment, if CB has no house 🏠 that has got nothing to do with UPND leadership neither the party at large.

  16. His he a medical doctor or a witch doctor. To the look of this issue he is a witch doctor

  17. If at all you have been to school in your life, you will not be saying shit about Banda, The stupid landlady or bitch mentions to us he Banda has been staying in the house for fucking 9 years, why wait for nine fucking years to evict a tenant in your fucking licking house? why take it to the media? its so stupid some idiots now are saying shit about Banda and Upnd, i dont see any attachment to that, lets be fucking realistic about these issues and infact some motherfucker talks about HH, really? imwe bafikala, be focused and see whose been real here, is this story fucking true or its fucking propaganda? dont just rush to comment politically before you check for facts.anyway fuck you land lady.#my opinion.

  18. This is a clear indication that,upnd can turnish our image as Country through their inconsistent,inconsequential and imprudent economic policies

  19. Too bad Dr Banda dnt have a House sure! I feel bad 4 Him Iam PF but this is not an issue i can laugh at Dr Banda YABA!

  20. Am seaching for news but unfortunatly i just bumped myself in a useless media Lusakavoice, someone to help me.

  21. Ba Choopa we need to know our leaders if they are responsible enough and fit to be leaders

    • This is exposing people who wants to be our leaders. Its good news to Mr Banda’s opponent, bads news to people looking up to his leadership and shame to him if he has self consciosness and morally upright.