Mampi heads for the UK


SINGER Mampi is towards the end of this month expected to perform in the United Kingdom, starting with Leicester, then Manchester before ending her tour with a show in London on April 2.

The Easter shows to be held on Bank Holiday are organised by Grajoh Talent Management and Public Relations.
Mampi is joining Lawrence Lulu Khwisa (Malawi), Jamal Wasswa (Uganda), Lily Kyeyune (Uganda), Nubianli Buken Ali (Uganda), Bobi Wine (Uganda), Skeffa Chimoto (Malawi) and Dan Lufani a.k.a Dan Lu (Malawi) at what has been dubbed Easter Fusion.
Mampi is expected to be on stage in Leicester on March 25 at the Athena Leicester on Queen Street, then, the following day, she will perform in Manchester at the Baab-E-Salam Banqueting Hall on 33 Cottenham and end the show in London at the Royal Regency, 501 High Street.

“Grajoh Talent Management-Public Relations is delighted to officially announce the addition of Mampi Mukape, Zambia’s sensational R&B singer fondly known as Mampi, to the historical Easter Fusion entertainment provision over Bank Holiday March 26-April 02, 2016,” Grajoh announced in a statement.
“[The] Walilowelela singer will perform at three concerts in the United Kingdom alongside Uganda’s Jamal Wasswa, Malawi’s legend Lucius Banda as well as UK’s very own music diva Lily Kyeyune.

“With pleasure, we are also pleased to welcome UK’s Zambia darling JC Chinode II, UK’s Uganda’s Lady Nancy Mugga and a UK’s Malawi MC (to be announced) as the co-hosts of #easterfusion. JC Chinode II will also be the back stage manager. UK’s leading DJ’s D J Blair Kami (Zambia), DJ Giddie (Uganda) and DjGNice Graham Nice [Malawi] will spin the disc on rotation.”

Zambia Daily Mail