Chongwe man to hang over in-law’s murder

sentenced to death by hanging
sentenced to death by hanging

LUSAKA High Court judge Mwamba Chanda has sentenced a Chongwe man to death for murdering his father-in-law with an axe.

Allegations are that David Monze, a resident of Chongwe, on September 2, 2015 in Lusaka, murdered Clifford Hamwaata.

Monze denied the charge but four witnesses testified against him.

The court heard from a witness, Kanyanga Siakalima, that on the material day, he was on his way home when he passed through Monze’s shop and heard him arguing with his father-in-law.

Siakalima testified that he heard Monze telling Hamwaata to leave his premises and threatened to kill him if he further resisted.

The court heard that Monze hit Hamwaata with an iron rod on the forehead after which Siakalima rushed to inform others.

It was also heard that when people rushed to Monze’s shop, they found Hamwaata’s body lying on the floor with severe injuries on his head.

An axe with blood stains was also found next to the deceased.

According to a police report, Monze killed Hamwaata at Mwambashi market in Kaulumina village using an axe and a metal bar.

The report revealed that Monze had been on the run after the incident, adding that he was only apprehended in Luangwa area, after which he was taken to Rufunsa police post.

A postmortem report showed that Hamwaata died due to crushing of the brain and multiple chop wounds of the head.

Passing judgment, judge Chanda said she was satisfied that the deceased’s death was consistent with a person who was savagely assaulted with a sharp object.

“I find that the injuries he suffered could only have been inflicted by the accused person during the fight. I do not believe the accused’s claim that he only hit him with an iron bar once. Had it been the case, he could not have suffered the multiple chop wounds to the head and the crushing of the brain,” she added.

Judge Chanda further said it was clear that upon realising that the deceased was lifeless, the accused person locked him in his shop and fled to Luangwa area.

“I am satisfied that the prosecution has discharged its burden of proof. I find the accused guilty of the offence of murder and I sentence him to death,” said judge Chanda.

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