Girlfriend killer to hang

sentenced to death by hanging
sentenced to death by hanging

A 35-YEAR-OLD man of Kalulushi, who killed his girlfriend, has been condemned to hang by the neck until pronounced dead by Kitwe High Court judge Isaac Kamwendo.
Mr Justice Kamwendo handed down the sentence against Given Sinkala of house number 71, Chifulwe Lane in Kalulushi, who was facing one count of murder.

Particulars of the offence are that on January 13, 2015, Sinkala murdered Esther Phiri.
In his judgement on Wednesday, Mr Justice Kamwendo said there was overwhelming evidence that Sinkala murdered Esther and that he found him guilty as charged and was convicting him accordingly.

“I sentence you to death by hanging until you are pronounced dead by a medical practitioner. And if you are not happy with what I have done, you can appeal to the Supreme Court within 14 days,” Judge Kamwendo said.
During trial, Jane Phiri, the deceased’s elder sister, testified that on the fateful night, around 22:30 hours, she was with the deceased at home at a time when they had a funeral.
She said Sinkala then called Esther on the phone requesting her to see him, and that is how she left the funeral house.
Jane said Esther did not return home that night, and the following morning, she received information that her sister was found dead on the road.

The court heard that when Jane and other family members went to the crime scene, they found Esther lying in a pool of blood.
The matter was later reported to the police, and Sinkala who was a prime suspect, was charged and arrested for murder.

Zambia Daily Mail


    • no. jst on paper not implemented. as the constitution talks abt the right to life.

    • yes! according to the penal code,it is allowed.there are many convicts who are currrently on death row at mukobeko maximum prison whose files awaits the final signature by the commander in chief.