Edgar Lungu’s Innuendoes are preposterous – GBM

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba - GBM

Innuendoes being perpetrated by Edgar Lungu are not only absurd but preposterous. Unlike him who assumed his presidency of the PF by use of thuggery and acclamation by the same thugs I, am a democrat and believer of constitutional methods to change a government and a President who has failed to deliver to the people.

There is no militia being trained or established by either the UPND President HH or myself.
My facilities at Luanshya Road, in Lusaka have been a place that I have offered to MMD and also was the Secritariat for the PF and now I have offered it to the UPND youths.

One room at these facilities has been turned into a normal gymnasium, with punching bags, cycles and weights. The youths use this to keep fit and pass time.
I would describe the allegations made by Edgar Lungu and the action this morning by police as acts of a desperate, scared and misinformed person who has realised that all his methods are in futility and power is slipping.

My advise to Lungu and his cohorts is to be brave and face us through the ballot on 11th August and not alarm the nation with untruths of a scared little man. The power he thinks he has now is not in perpetuity and soon rather than later he will be out of State House and all the power that comes with it.