Prayers gobbled K140 000-Govt

Prayer at Show grounds - Reverend Sunday Sinyangwe and his group!
Prayer at Show grounds - Reverend Sunday Sinyangwe and his group!

Government says 1-hundred and 40 Thousand Kwacha was spent on October 18th 2015 Day of National Prayer and Reconciliation

Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President Lawrence Sichalwe has however told Parliament that it is difficult to give exact figures of the people who attended in response to an open invitation by government through various media platforms.

Mr. Sichalwe adds that it was difficult to state benefits from the event as spiritual matters are difficult to quantify because of being intangible in nature.

He was responding to a question by Sinda MP Levy Ngoma who wanted to find out the costs involved, people who attended and benefits derived from the event.

And responding to follow up questions raised by the Sinda Lawmaker and Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo on why violence has been on the rise in the country despite having had national prayers, Vice President Inonge Wina said people reflect on various issues when they get together in prayer hence others could have come out repented while others who didn’t get anything could be the ones causing trouble.

She says benefits of prayers cannot be counted as God takes his own time and one cannot even know when he answers their prayers.

The Vice President says Zambia was declared a Christian nation and those who feel strong about it congregate together while those who do not believe in it question its benefits.