Max on the run after assaulting fellow PF cadres

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

MAXWELL Chongo is on the run after assaulting his fellow PF cadres at Bigies Nightclub in Kafue on Sunday night.

And police spokesperson Charity Munganga-Chanda confirmed that the assault case was being investigated and a detailed statement would be released.

Sources from Kafue police have disclosed that they are looking for Chongo, popularly known as Max, a former Big Brother Africa housemate, who is believed to be on the run after slicing the ear of fellow PF cadre Jonas Sakala with a glass and injuring another cadre Walusha Sakala.

According to Kenneth Nondo, who is the victims’ uncle, and Bigies Nightclub proprietor Colonel Bernard Sakala, Maxwell allegedly cut Jonas’ left ear when the latter tried to intervene in an altercation between him and the bar tender.

“When Max entered the bar, he found a lady on the counter and immediately demanded ‘give me beers!’ So the lady who was there said ‘no, money first’. So Walusha Sakala, the cousin to Jonas, came to the aid of the bar tender. When Max saw that, he shouted ‘do you know who I am? Don’t you know that I am connected?’ Before Walusha was lifted and thrown to the wall, he said ‘ba Max, you have heard what this lady has said. You pay first. that is when you will be served’,” Col Sakala narrated.

“That is when Max slapped Walusha. Now Jonas, because he is an elderly person, he came to intervene. Unfortunately, Max had a glass of wine and that is when he chopped off Jonas’ ear and later lifted Walusha and threw him to the wall.”

He narrated Max further poured alcohol on Jonas after slicing his ear.

“Another guy by the name of Johnson Chabwe came to intervene when he saw Max assaulting Jonas. Again, Max grabbed the beer that Chabwe was drinking and poured it on Jonas after chopping off his ear,” said Col Sakala.

“I eventually held him and brought him out of the club. That is when he started telling me that ‘I am connected. I can close this bar, I can talk to anyone’.”

And Nondo said Walusha became unconscious after he was thrown to the wall.

“On Sunday evening, I was in the DJ’s box where I was playing at Bigies Nightclub when I saw Walusha Sakala flying across the bar and he hit the wall. He could not talk there and then because he had briefly passed out. So after he regained consciousness, we asked him what had happened,” said Nondo.

And Munganga-Chanda confirmed that the matter was being investigated by police in Kafue.

“I can confirm having received that matter and investigations are being instituted. Since a medical report was given; it means it is being investigated,” said Munganga-Chanda.

A medical report obtained from Kafue District Hospital signed by a Dr Ajulwe and constable
Banda stated that part of Sakala’s left ear had been cut off and left eye bruised by “a well-known person”.

Max was not readily available for comment as he continuously cut his phone line.

Police sources from Kafue have revealed that Max has been eluding the police since Sunday.

“He has been giving us excuses that he was in Mazabuka. But we are looking for him,
and once we establish his whereabouts, we will bring him to book,” said the sources.

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