Many circumcised Zambians have sex before they heal – researcher

Circumcision packets in a Zambian hospital await their patients.

LEADING African researcher in HIV/AIDS Dr Kawango Agot says many circumcised Zambian men have sex before they heal.

In her keynote presentation to journalists drawn from various African countries attending an HIV prevention reporting fellowship organised by the International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ) in Nairobi on Monday, Dr Agot said deaths due to HIV/AIDS can greatly be reduced if interventions are fast-tracked.

“In Zambia, there was a research called ‘Sex in stitches’. The research revealed that men had sex before the required 42 days for one to have sex after circumcision,” Dr Agot said.

She said women were not educated to abstain from having sex after their partner has had circumcision.

Dr Agot added that many people in sub-Saharan Africa who were living with HIV were not aware that they could be living with HIV.

“However, there has been great, great improvement in sub-Saharan Africa. We are on the right track. We can do better if we move fast, not all is lost,” she said.

“We need to identify those that are infected…we can actually get to have an HIV-free generation.”

Dr Agot, however, showed concerns on the circumcision initiative sustainability as it was donor funded in most African countries.

And Julius Louke Achiah, a traditional leader in Kenya’’s Pokot area, said women in his area are demanding that men be circumcised.

His wife Sarah caused laughter when she said she actually forced Achiah to be circumcised.
“Women gang up to get men circumcised,” said Achiah.

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  1. Where was this research done and how big was your sample size for you to just generalise that that’s wat many Zambian men do, I will take that as your hypothesis and not the actual research