Athlete raped after inter schools athletics competition at Munali Boys

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A sixteen year old grade nine pupil from Kapiliyomba primary school was on Thursday night fought raped and unconscious in a maize field after competing in the two day inter schools athletics competition held at Munali Boys Secondary School in Lusaka.

School administrators confirmed that the named girl went missing after the inter country competition and it was only after the cadet conducted a search and find routine that they found the girl, naked, unconscious and badly bruised and reported the situation to the authorities.

“She was in a bad state, we could not do anything but to help even the police failed to assist but to refer us to UTH where she was attended to until this morning” the senior teacher who took her to hospital said.

The frail looking girl was found with a boy by her side but later denied ever knowing the boy who is on the run after police launched investigation to establish his relationship with the girl.

The senior teacher said instructions were given out before the competition that girls were supposed to be in groups to avoid being taken advantage of by the opposite sex and wondered how the victim ended up being on her own.

“we ensure that all our girls were in groups but it is unfortunate that this happened.

We will do the best to ensure that justice is carried out and the girl child is protected during all forthcoming events “she said.

Women lobby groups condemned the act and called on police to take drastic measures to ensure that such barbaric acts do not occur again.

School girls were seen crowded together after news broke out and word went round d that they wanted authorities to ensure that they were protected.


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