Pilato’s Song – Kesulenifye – UNZA, CBU closure act of terrorism


The closure of UNZA and CBU is a greatest act of terrorism and something has to be done. The minister of education is sabotaging the future of this country while we sit aside and watch.
Our politicians are so powerful that they can easily stop the education process of more than 50,000 youths. He who denies you an education denies a future.

ZAMBIANS if we can’t stand up and fight for the education of our youths what else shall we stand up for?

What have we become?

Are we still not sure of the importance of education?

Is the education of our people dependent on the emotions of our political leaders really?
For how long shall this go on for?

Are sure you the only correctional approach to the riots and violence is closing the 2 universities? Countries are investing heavily in the education sector because thats the greatest investment anyone can make especially for a country like ours.

Am really heart broken. Zambia where have we gone wrong?



  1. Bushe pilato ni rapper or singer? Pilato, wille, redrinso, general kanene, these people jst came to mock our music industry.

  2. all those who against da song they dnt reason n no families.evrytym u wnt to act lyk usless cadre

  3. This is the problem with borrowing education and educational ideas.People completely lose the sense of reality.Pilato who am not actually a fan of is just laying out the facts as they are.Lets not always pretend to be intelligent than we actually are.In any case,intelligent people don’t insult anyhow.

  4. a musician z nt supposed to b lyk a politician guys wat do we do wen our parents wrong us mayb u boycot riot z a bad thin coz enocent pipo ar bin hurt

  5. Pilato is right.Only a few of u people r happy abt the clossure of these two institutes. How do u close unza n cbu in the begining of the year?

  6. Definition of Terrorism- the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

  7. mmm zambians u dont knw terror ask malawians they hav got macholowe, kamlepo kalua, john tembo,mashal bandawe, they are real gangs not d@ idiot ask him 2 go and make ugari for nigerians and kenyans

  8. Now I know its true that u can tell how some1 thinks just by their looks! Chamba valley(ichamba, ibange,ulubangula,mukutulu sinyani, fwaka wanseke, ibungo) is bad iwe ci Pilato we chiwelewele cha mwana we. cimone ichunsu like an eagle’s nest. shi iteni ba kapokola bapalate uyu malinso.

    • But the massage makes sense in that song maybe u find it offensive because u don’t have a child or a relative at CBU or Unza

    • Let’s be realistic here Mr Mwansa Kaoma your profile shows that u studied at CBU and maybe u ar doing fine today because of the knowledge u got from the institution.do u honestly think it was a good idea for u pipo in Pf to close the 2 higher learning institutions instead of finding a simple solution of paying those poor students there meal allowances. Dd u learn with an empty stomach wen u were a student?let’s face reality here those students want to be educated and become productive one day like u.why do you support the closure of these 2 institutions if u really know the power of education?stop being selfish and be reasonable.dont support for the sake of putting bread on your table support because samthing is worth supporting CBU N Unza students have the right to education they oso want to be like u one day

    am usin my account my phone my buddles my head to coment,fuck you if you are offended

  10. imwe ba kolwe do you even know the meaning of terrorism…? go to nigeria, Iraq olo fye USA…! zambians will just never grow up, thez no insult in that song, only dull people are against the song, let them open the universities atase imwe ba pompwe

  11. Lunatic. ishilu , nonsense. mulesalako ifyakubosa. you are just a Crap , I don’t have any kind word , kumashilu.

  12. Ba Pilato just shut your beak!Even if Parley said minimum qualificion for a Village champion is Grade 3, you will not make it..

  13. …………or is it an assault on education or a global occurrance?? kesulenifye batata baKaingu so that the schl calendar is not affected……abaice nabo bushe baba shani???

  14. That dagga smoking douchebag has never been to the varsity. He should just continue milking us of the little monies with his crap songs…

  15. ehh, do zambians even know the meaning of terrorism? ask Nigeria and the States. not busy ku sabaila ati terrorism ala!

  16. I bet all of us complaining about cost of living are terrorists pwahahahahahaha!