Congregants flee church after the ‘devil’ appears


Worshipers at a Pentecostal church sustained minor injuries after a naughty 15-year-old boy caused a stampede.

The faithful bolted out of the church, falling over each other after the alleged rascal, hidden from their view, pretended to be ‘the devil’ and scared them stiff.

It all began after worshipers closed their eyes and began chorusing a prayer before the sermon could begin. The boy is said to have tiptoed and picked the extra microphone at the lectern before hiding behind two loudspeakers.

All of sudden, the churchgoers heard a booming voice with devilish guttural sounds rasping through the church public address system, announcing that they were now in hell and the voice speaking belonged to the devil himself.
After a loud silence rent the air, the ‘devil’ ordered all those who truly believe in God to raise their hands, to which none responded. Instead, everyone was looking at each other with fear written all over their faces.

The ‘devil’ then announced that everyone sits down on the floor awaiting further instructions.

As the scared congregates shook and wet their pants, the pastor bolted out of the church at maximum speed before they followed suit.

The sudden frenzied rush, coupled with “shetani ashindwe” shouts, created a fine mess, making some of the faithful to think it was the much-talked about biblical end time.

It was the sight of elders jogging away as fast as they could, women and children wailing for help with other scared worshipers fervently begging for mercy from the ‘devil’ that tickled the offending boy, making him to laugh uncontrollably.
It was then that the church technicians who maintain the music instruments realised they had been played.

They looked around only to discover the extra microphone was missing and suspected the offending character was hiding within the church. The technicians took to the pulpit and announced that the incident was actually a hoax.

At this point, those who had taken off and had been watching the drama unfold from a safe distance returned. The pastor took the microphone and began speaking in tongues and mumbling gibberish as if to curse the offending character.

“Raghashanda… ragalabanda… ropokolomashekele….,” the pastor went on as he denounced the devil, calling him a liar. “Riswa! Riswa! Shetani ashindwe!” he cursed.

As few brave members trooped back, the boy who was hiding between two giant speakers rose up still laughing off his head. He was almost roughed up, had it not been the timely intervention of older churchgoers who pleaded with angry parishioners.

They told them to forgive the boy for he didn’t know what he was doing. Meanwhile, in his defence, he claimed he was only testing the parishioners’ faith in God. The sermon went on uninterrupted afterwards.

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  1. fearing in the church of God full of faithful children whom their faith was deprived within a minute ……….how long can yo faith stand or how long can u uphold yo faith brethren

  2. Be it a story. I guess as Christians we need to search ourselves in our Christian journey, are we followers or fans. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. Good day freinds.

  3. these pentacostal churches ar fake nd full of satanism da chaps don’t even believe in God bt satan nd busy cheating pipo

  4. #God come & see ur #children…lesa somone abana bobe,via praying to jehovah when ur mind is on something else parallel to #JEHOVAH…no #faith @ #ALL.

  5. #faithLess_ChurchGoers_indeed_hw can u b shaken by ka satana_i mean da devil in my life hs got nah space….#Kufwa_nah_panga_satana_niku_dysa_njoka…..

  6. Lol!did this really happen! I wonder how many of us can really stand up for Jesus wen put to the test!

  7. If this is true, this boy has one heck of a sense of humor, pulling a stunt like that, but then again, as christians we say time and again, that we shall not fear as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we should always ask ourselves this, is our faith as strong as it should be? Despite this story, do we put our entire faith in God’s hands that we believe he will protect us? We really need to check ourselves, just a thought. If we believe with all our might, God will protect us from any evil fashioned against us. Have a Blessed day!

  8. Kikikikiki.. If only i was told of the location of the church would i believe this comedic story.

  9. The rascal produced devilish guttural sound and scared them stiff. Silence rent the air while fear was written all over their faces then they bolted. People can write. I love this.

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  11. This not a true story. Its one of those stories meant to bring riddicle and slander to the church. Where did it happen? Which pentecostal church?

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  14. Yaba classic!! I hope he had someone take a video of the whole incident….man I would love to shake his had for pulling that prank of

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