6 cadres nabbed for assault

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Police in Southern province have arrested six suspected UPND cadres in connection with the assault of a Zambia Compound resident in Choma.

Jenna Phiri, 27, was assaulted by suspected UPND cadres on Saturday.

Southern Province Police Commissioner, Godwin Phiri has confirmed the arrests to ZANIS in Choma.

Mr Phiri has named the suspects as Marcus Ngandu, 26, Saidi Mwale, 24, Kizito Siamani, 35, Steve Kalonga, 23, Job Munsaka, 23 and Jonathan Mwanza, 27.

He has explained that the suspects will appeal in court soon.

Meanwhile, investigations into the perpetrators of last Saturday’s violence in Bweengwa are underway.

Mr Phiri says as soon as the culprits are found, they will be prosecuted.

He has further warned that the police will not tolerate political violence, ahead of the 2016 general elections.