Police keep ‘Senanga dead’ man’s father for own safety

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

AN angry mob in Senanga, Western Province, battled with the Police as it attempted to beat a 75-year-old man, believed to be behind the mysterious disappearance of his son, who died and was buried three months ago, but has resurfaced, alive.
Police have since taken the now-alive Mufalali Mufalali’s father, Kabalule Mufalali, in their custody, for his safety.
The story carried in the Times of Zambia, on Friday last week, has caught the attention of many, with a huge spotlight on social media.
Western Province Police chief Charles Lungu confirmed the latest developments, in an interview yesterday.
Mr Lungu said the mob accused Mufalali’s father of his son’s disappearance, for ritual purposes and that he had faked the death.
“We have in our custody Mufalali senior for his own safety as angry residents wanted to kill him after accusing him of using his son for ritual purposes,” Mr Lungu said.
He said after the grave where Mufalali was believed to have been buried was opened on Friday afternoon, a body was found but his wife and daughter failed to recognise it.
Mr Lungu, however, said Mufalali’s wife and daughter managed to positively identify him.
“Mufalali’s wife and daughter managed to identify Mufalali and they clearly identified the scars on his body, one on his back, which he suffered before he died and the other that he sustained after his wife hit him with a big stone that left him unconscious after a marital dispute, earlier in their marriage,” he said.
Mr Lungu said police took some samples from the body that was exhumed for DNA testing in Lusaka.
Police suspected foul play as the body that was exhumed was extremely dry, for a body that was only buried three months ago.
He said Mufalali was still living at a pastor’s house undergoing spiritual counseling, as he was still in a confused state.
Meanwhile, Police in Lusaka have arrested three people in connection with car thefts that have rocked Lusaka, while two others were on the run.
Lusaka Province Police chief Nelson Phiri said two vehicles that were stolen from Lusaka West and Intercity Bus Terminus, had been recovered from Misisi Township.
“We have in our custody three people who were arrested in connection with car thefts that have been reported in the province, while two others are still on the run, investigations have continued,” he said.