Hubby urinates in pots when drunk

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THE Kabushi Local Court has heard how a Ndola man, when drunk, urinates in pots in the kitchen.
The man’s wife, 34-year-old Catherine Chilufya complained that each time Joseph Chelo goes home drunk; he defecates in their cooking pots in the kitchen.
“This man loses his senses when he drinks alcohol. Instead of relieving himself in the toilet, he opts to use our pots in the kitchen to defecate and urinate because he can’t find his potty,” Chilufya said.
Presiding magistrate Serah Bwalya and senior local court magistrates Besa Mushibwe and Mildred Nammwizye also heard how Chelo stuffs his wife’s mouth with his dirty underwear when she is sleeping.
“In a drunken stupor, Chelo defecates and urinates in my pot in the kitchen because he failed to find his potty, then he pours his urine on me. Sometimes, he to stuffs his dirty underwear in my mouth hoping to suffocate me,” she said.
Chilufya of Kantolomba township was narrating in a case in which she sued Chelo for divorce after 11 years of marriage and three children.
“His behaviour is indicative of how much he does not respect me and wants me to die. I want a divorce,” Chilufya said.
She said Chelo’s behaviour took a turn for worse when he got his retirement package in 2009.
“He started drinking heavily and failed to provide for his family. The only thing he could buy was a bag of mealie, a bottle of cooking oil and a bag of charcoal,” she said.
But Chelo begged the court not to grant divorce because he stills loves his wife.
“Chilufya is just a talkative woman. She has misappropriated part of my pension package on pretext she wanted to buy roofing sheets for the house but never did,” he said.
The court granted divorce with no compensation but ordered the couple to sell the plot which they had acquired and share proceeds equally.