‘Hamududu rejected appointment’

president lungu
president lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he has tried hard to appoint people from Southern Province to Government.

Speaking during a rally in Bweengwa in Monze yesterday, President Lungu said he even appointed Highvie Hamududu as Deputy Finance Minister but he declined the appointment.
“I approached Highvie when we were campaigning, and when we won I wrote an appointment letter to him and he refused, I also approached others in opposition but they refused,” the President said.
Mr Lungu said the PF Government was ready to work with people from Southern Province who were willing to work with him.
“Where is all this coming from, it’s up to you to work with us and you are welcome,” he said.
The President said from the time he was elected, he had been able to deliver development to all parts of Zambia and would instruct the Minister of General Education to rehabilitate Bweengwa Basic School.
He expressed disappointment with one opposition leader who had not done anything about the school he attended.
“If one opposition leader cared about this school, then it would have been upgraded by now,” he said.
The President urged Zambians to give the PF another mandate because there were a lot of plans the Government had put in place.
He said the Government had been able to pay farmers on time and also distributed the inputs on time.
The President was accompanied by Defence Minister Richwell Siamunene, Livestock Minister Grayford Monde, PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri and Southern Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu.
Earlier, the President met with chiefs Hamusonde and Sinazongwe before the rally.
President Lungu said he was preaching the message of unity of one Zambia one Nation.
Meanwhile, President Lungu has commissioned the mothers shelter at Namwala District Hospital.
President Lungu was also taken on a tour of the newly built hospital.
After the rally, some unknown people blocked the Monze/ Niko Road with stones.
The President has since left Namwala to Itezhi tezhi where he is expected to hold another rally today.



  1. I have so much respect for Highvie Hamududu. Few politicians have encouraged me to believe in the system as much as he has. I pray for Zambia and most of Africa that they find opposition leaders as committed and brave and full of integrity as he is.