Hubby kills baby to evade mantainance


A Harare woman has accused her husband of killing their baby to evade paying maintenance. Sarah Chimhure had no kind words for her husband Pharaoh Mbazo when they appeared before Civil Court magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza on Wednesday.

Chimhure told the court that Mbazo was a wicked man who killed their daughter after he was ordered by the same court to pay $350 for the upkeep of the child.

Mbazo was seeking a downward variation from $350 to $300 saying the child he was paying maintenance for had died.

“He is the one who caused the death of the child because after you (magistrate) ordered him to pay $350, he swore that the child will die and she died after 10 days,” Chimhure said.
“I think it was a way of fixing me and to evade paying maintenance. Pharaoh works at Zesa and earns more than $1000 every month so he was capable of paying the money but I do not know what got into him.

“He has an eight roomed house in Kariba where he collects rentals. He bought cars for his other children but mine only benefited from the $350 before she died,” she said.

Mbazo told the court that Sarah neglected the child during his absence and she would frequent night clubs soliciting for sex.

He said the money was no longer catering for the child since she was dead hence he wanted it reduced.

“I want the money to be reduced from $350 to $300 because the child died some weeks ago,” Mbazo said.

“Sarah was always visiting night clubs when I was at work leaving the baby unattended and I think that is why she died,” he added.

Mr Nyatsanza reduced the maintenance to $300 and advised Mbazo to apply for discharge since the child was dead.