Concerns over high HIV rate in border towns


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has expressed concern with increased HIV and AIDS infection rate among mobile population in border towns.
IOM representative on HIV and AIDS, Emmanuel Sinkala, disclosed that his organisation has realised that mobile population has increased and cited it to be one of the high causes of the HIV/AIDS in Africa.
Mr Sinkala was speaking in Chipata during a Smart and Target Investment in HIV and AIDS Response in Border town stakeholders meeting.
He said this is why there is need to target mobile population in an effort to reduce the HIV and AIDS prevalence rate in Zambia.
He explained that to this effect IOM has identified border towns to have a high rate of HIV and AIDS.
Mr SInkala stated that this is why there is need for active stakeholder participation in finding lasting solutions if the country is to reach a zero percent infection rate.
And Eastern Province HIV and AIDS Coordination Advisor (PACA), Emmanuel Chama, has expressed sadness with the dwindling of support towards the HIV and AIDS programmes in the province.
Mr Chama said despite the country recording a decrease of HIV and AIDS infections, there is still need for more support in the prevention, treatment and advocacy programmes.
He disclosed that many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) dealing in HIV and AIDS programmes have folded up in the province.
He noted that the situation has led to people now relaying on government facilities to offer all the services which he said are not adequate as some places are not reached.
He cited Corridors of Hope, Society for Family Health and USAID among others as some of the institutions that helped in mitigating the effects of HIV and AIDS in the province.
Mr Chama also called on private institutions and all government departments to start implementing the HIV and AIDS work policy as a way of providing support to the attainment of the zero new infections.