Tanzanian female student stripped naked, car burnt, by Indian Mob

was beaten up black and blue by the mob who then stripped the girl student
was beaten up black and blue by the mob who then stripped the girl student

A 21-year-old Tanzanian student was violently assaulted in Bangalore, India, on 31 January 2016 by a mob in a disturbing instance of vigilantism and racism.

The mob, which targeted her after a Sudanese student allegedly hit and killed a 35-year-old woman while driving in the area, beat her, stripped off her clothing and paraded her around naked while the police reportedly watched. The Tanzanian student, who is a second year business student at Acharya College, came to the spot travelling in another car along with four others some 30 minutes afterward and was not even remotely connected to the accident.

Tanzanian Woman Stripped, Assaulted & Paraded Naked By Mob
Tanzanian Woman Stripped, Assaulted & Paraded Naked By Mob

Nevertheless, the mob forced the students out, beat the driver and torched their car. They robbed them of their belongings, then proceeded to strip the girl naked. The incident only hit the news on 3 February after she went to the local police and they refused at first to register the case.

The horde was so enraged that they beat someone from the crowd who had offered her a T-shirt to cover up with. When the young woman then tried to enter a local bus nearby, the passengers pushed her back down into the hands of the mob.

The violence sparked a flood of condemnations on Twitter:

READ MORE on .. https://globalvoices.org/2016/02/03/a-tanzanian-womans-brutal-mob-assault-highlights-racism-in-india

The case reeks of complete miscarriage of justice. Here’s a point by point break down:

1. When the local police standing near the mob didn’t intervene, a concerned bystander tried to cover the girl with his t-shirt. He too was beaten up by the mob.

2. The girl tried to flee by entering a BMTC bus at the junction. The passengers in the bus threw her back on the road. People got down from buses, autos etc to join the mob.

3. When the girl finally got away from the mob, she headed straight to a police station where she was harassed again. The police demanded that she bring the Sudanese man to the station, in order for them to register her complaint.

4. As Kaweesi puts it, “When the girl did not even know about the accident or the spot where it happened, how can she bring in the driver of the car?”

5. The mob had set the car ablaze which meant that the African students lost their passports, ATM cards, cash etc. So the students couldn’t even pay for medical bills and were sent out of hospital, despite being injured.


  1. Guys am not Indian ain’t Malawian but reading comments it’s all over smell racism!Indian or Malawian everyone has their life.either enjoyable or suffering end of the day we all human and we have to learn how to stay in peace together. It’s just too sad for people becoming wiled killing each other or hitting as if other person has no life.. Let’s just try to be human being,everything will be sorted!

  2. if you re not a politician or police but be rest assured that your Indians politicians and police forces from India ll come for Indians rescue when we started hurting you people one after another in every Africa soils

  3. discrimination re carried out in every corner and in every state even in every department in India both offices both educated ones and uneducated Indians , in hospitals, in companies I told u dat I studied in India and goes to India for business from 1998 till last year.

  4. @ Shivajee KR Nandy you don’t ve any points or irrelevant excuses to justify the mentality of your Indians but you Indians community in Africans soils should send messages to your government dat we should start hurting every Indians in Africa if they continue killing our brothers and sisters in India, because Indians deserves tit for tat in retaliation.

  5. So thats how will be treated as Africans, it has nothing to do with education, coz in Africa even the uneducated people can never harm or beat foreigner, shame! Further many indians in Africa have settled peacefully and do business, they are never harmed, its disappointing!

  6. Ok. Let say there are so many incidents happen in our Zambia where any foreign national been robbed and raped…! Then if you find a news saying such foreign national is been treated bad by Zambians….is it right. Every country has good and bad people. I hope people understand those who wants to make unrest in our peaceful countries both Zambia and India.

  7. Indians are just a bunch of #vulger #savages with no #manners @ all they fail to think #straight,they use #emotions!

  8. Indians re killing Africans students and Africans staying in India every time and no justice for Africans in India soils , so you Indians in Africa should send messages to your government regarding the issue so dat they can address the issue in India government and they Indians societies should change their mindset about Africans, Indians have so many companies and businesses in Africa and Indians will lose so much if we Africans youths starts retaliation against every Indians in African soils, no matter how much you Indians paid for protection in Africa still you people must gets hurts down in anywhere in Africa, and Indians can never lives in Africa soils peaceful without the helps of Africans.

  9. Shashank Chandru South Indians re more better dan other parts of India, but still discriminates ,segregates every Indians re always ready to kills Africans for little things,Tamils and Bangalore people re better because of their darker colors, so they seen themselves as the same colors with Africans,

  10. i hate racism. Africans let on them. Revenge is with HIM but this is two much. Mugabe tell us what to do with these racist beggers so called indians.

  11. It is true that they were assaulted because of the accident which killed one local person, but nobody was stripped and the police in turn helped escort them.

  12. I studied in India and after my education I started going for business to India from 1998 till last year I ended everything about Indians , I speaks three Languages in India but they made m and other Africans to suffered a lot while they Indians re enjoying everything in Africa

  13. Time has come for we Africans to start reminding Indians what we re receiving from their country, its tit for tat, Indians cannot be killing our brothers and sisters while the same Indians re enjoying their lives in our compounds and in our backyards, we should starts sending the messages to them back home to India , in India if u re going to their hospital for treatment, as an African the hospital bills re different higher Times two from what Indians paid, if you re going to purchase anything from Indians as an African your rate is higher ,Times two from the rates they gave to Indians, whatever you re going to buys in India as African they must treated u differently ,so why should Africans keep on accepting and accommodating Indians in Africa countries.

  14. Am very sorry to said this Indians re no one racist country on earth, but am just surprised because Africa as a continent re full of Indians and they Indians in Africa re enjoying everything even some claimed that they re not Indian again rather they called themselves Africans as well, can you tell m how many Africans Origins re citizens of India or having properties in India? Indians discriminates ,segregates, and called we Africans Kalia which means in Hindi language blacks , but millions of Indians re really darker dan charcoal, Indians hate Africans as a whole, Indians re natural wicked , and Indians forgotten dat they re they dirtiest people and smelling with their uncircumcised smelling dicks. This is what A former Ugandan leader seen from Indians and thrown them out of Uganda.

  15. And we respect them here in Malawi because of poverty yet when we go to their country, they treat us like pets! Shame

    • If u ask me its only here in africa that they ve a life thats why they dnt want to go back to their overpopulated hole of a country

  16. utterly shameful and disappointing incident but blaming the entire community for a handful of uncouth people shall not be a wise thing to do.

    • My friend i am not a politician neither a police inspector but a normal educated human being who condemns such incidents irrespective of the caste or creed of the victim. This incident has been flashed all over by the news channels both regional and national. The victims shall never go Scot free and shall be punished.

    • no please vengeance belongs to God. when you do that you will endanger the lives of Africans leaving in India they will be an uproar there and lives can be lost. Indians are generally very emotional and when annoyed the police cannot do anything with intentionally or otherwise. those who are thinking that the story about the Tanzanian sister if ours is a made story don’t know our Indian colleague especially the illiterate. they can be dangerous when angered. one of our Indian pastors was slapped in church on a Sunday morning reason being that the church had Paul Christian literature in a local tabloid. the attackers were Hindu fundamentalists

  17. Obviously these foolish indians had too much peppe in their rice hence heated up tempers. Shame on you. Too much chilli is bad for your brains you morons.

    • I am from bangalore and live in Zambia. What about the death that was caused by the accident I don’t see any comment on that. I agree what happened wasn’t right but tempers flare.

    • well put. Two wrongs don’t make a right, neither can one quench fire with fire. The chap who bashed a woman due to ‘intoxication’ was at faulty too but more so the reaction. When a ‘mad’ person is murdered even pipo that dispised him/her surface up.

  18. Indians are racists….. They think they are better than Africans when they are not…..you should all get out of Tanzania and go back to your country eish!

  19. But they should know that we are accommodating millions of Indians in Africa. We can go wild as well.

  20. Sad!This is how cruel this world is.The devil is a liar, we shall conquer and overcome. My Christ completed the work.

  21. It is not a fake, it was on BBC, it happened in Bangalore, a drunk Sudanese student run over a woman beggar sleeping on the side of the road, the locals got mad, Sudanese guy was saved by the police from the mob, this girl and her friends got on the scene 30 mins later, locals just wanted beat anything black after that incident. I can not racism, I can call it locals gone wild. Students in foreign lands should be sensitive to cultural norms. Probably loud partying and drinking is not their thing.

    • Out of all the responses on here, I would like to thank you level of intellect! Much appreciated as you can think around the box!

  22. It pains deep in heart .Where is humanity? Why should you attack, take off clothes someone,burn,beat, chase away without knowing the reason? What kind of anger is this? Does it mean Indians don’t die in one way or another.How many Indians are living,studying and conducting business freely,happily in Tanzania and Africa?GOD, be the judge

  23. I have no words……. pay back is always a bitch!!! As lucious lyon said ” you started this war, but am gonna finish it”

  24. I had a very good experience with the indians in mumbai last year. I think.some are very nice

    • I agree with you many of them are good. I was India in Bangalore for two years. please let us not condemn them all. such attitudes are a recipe for xenophobic attacks
      yes one thing I found is that the people there are exceptionally emotional and there is a lot of mob psychology when aggrieved. foreigners just have to learn the culture and avoid antagonizing the locals because you can be killed. in some area rd women have to check their dressing. ln some area rd they will not allow to eat beef even in your own home
      all in all there a lot of good Indians out there l stayed with them for two years.
      having said that I do not support what happened to our Tanzanian sister it was diabolical and an affront to human kind. I condemn it.

  25. I would like to remind these Indians that we one despite of different colours and must stop this inhuman and barnaric behaviour coz God will punish them if they continue to oppress the Africans.

    • so they believe in God? To them He doesn’t exist hence their foolishness is displayed all over India towards Africans.

    • My friend about a year back Malawi was literally on the verge of military confrontation with Tanzania over Lake Malawi rights. At that moment did you state or realize that we are brothers with Tanzania and should not fight over natures gift. Now you start feeling that you are one with your neighbors. This kind of dual attitude is not good. The incident that has happened in Bangalore is condemned by every educated and sensible Indian citizen and it should be condemned like this irrespective of color, caste or creed. How many times in this country suspected thieves and robbers have been burned alive by mob instead of handing them over to the police. What will you say to these people who make the mob violence happen ? mistake of one particular cannot be attributed to the entire community. I just upheld two pictures and you can be the best judge of it. God Bless

  26. indians treat africans (blacks) badly regardless of their sex. they are fortunate they don’t get the same sort of treatment in africa. I have come across a number of stories regarding this

    • May be we are more civilized I remember telling off an Indian govt official in India that they are many of his people in Africa and we do not mistreat them. I needed a document and I kept being given different dates. but then let our lives not be defined by the bad behavior of others. as Africans we are generous friendly and helpful

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