Kasama PF members defect to Miles Sampa’s DF


Over forty Patriotic Front (PF) cadres and four councillors in Kasama have ditched the party to join the newly formed Democratic Front (DF), according to Radio Mano News.

Announcing their defection yesterday in Kasama’s Location Suburb at a named councillor’s residence, the cadres charged that the PF has lost its founding vision of being a beacon of hope to all Zambians.

They alleged that following the death of founding party president, Michael Sata, who later became republican president, the PF has embraced people it accused of having mismanaged the country’s resources.

The cadres added that the same people that the PF has embraced have since hijacked the party, stressing that it is against this background that they decided to join the Milles Sampa led Democratic Front, saying it is the only hope for Zambia.

And receiving the defectors, DF Kasama chairperson, Zebron Kashiba said the massive defections from the PF shows that the ruling party is politically finished.

Mr. Kashiba, who is former Kasama district political secretary, was the first to ditch PF in Northern Province to join newly formed DF.


  1. The story is that DF was already registered under the other fellow…. not Miles. The De registration of DF now affords the claimants to the name to re register.

    The whole mess is the fault of the Registrar who registered Miles’s DF without counter checking the names.

  2. Show the people defecting to DF and don’t say you can’t becauae this is a modernised world someone can send you photo’s.

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