Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

Zamtel National Sales and Distribution Manager Humphrey Manyando has denied stealing various Samsung mobile phones valued at K 611, 463, 00.
Manyando, 40, of house No.23046 PHI told the court that he did not steal the phones as alleged.
He was arrested and charged for the subject offence on September 11, last year and released on bond pending court proceedings.
He took plea before Magistrate Lameck Mwale but his case was re-allocated and he is expected to take fresh plea before magistrate Humphrey Chitalu.
Manyando is in counts one facing charges of theft by public servant.
He is on April 30 last year and July 14, 2014 alleged to have stolen 15 galaxy Samsung S5 mobile phones, 87 galaxy S4, 11 note 3 and 2 Samsung valued at K 611, 463, 00 property of Zamtel .
In counts three, Manyando is facing charges of uttering false documents.
He is also alleged on April 30 last year and July 14, 2014 uttered false documents namely First National Bank HVC to show that they were genuinely issued by Attic Steffens branch head, Frazier Handando who is head of procurement and William Simutenda who is operations manager at Stanbic Bank.
He is also alleged to have on March 1 and July 14, 2014 uttered false documents namely application for HVC executive packages and application for additional lines on executive packages to Topson Banda, a warehouse coordinator of Zamtel.