Bus driver poses as police officer in Obama Compound

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

The Lusaka Magistrates Court on Friday heard how a mini-bus driver of Lusaka’s Ng’ombe Compound was arrested for allegedly posing in a Zambia Police Service uniform.
Ryan Musonda, a superintendent at the Zambia Police Headquarters told the court that on December 28, last year he went to Obama Compound and while there he saw a man whom he came to know as Petros Mulenga who was dressed in a Zambia Police Service Uniform.
Mr Musonda said as he walked closer to Mulenga his appearance were not that of a police Officer as he had long beards which made him doubt that the accused could be a Police Constable.
He said he called Mulenga twice by the rank of Constable but that Mulenga did not respond and instead decided to run away.
Mr Musonda told the court that he started chasing after Mulenga and asked a security guard for help.
He said he managed to apprehend Mulenga and interrogated him whether he was a Police constable or not.
Mr Musonda said Mulenga claimed he was a Police constable with number 56 as his man number.
He said after being informed of the man number, he decided to arrest Mulenga because in this age and era no one would have such a number in the Police Service.
Mr Musonda said he took Mulenga to Chelston Police Station and remanded him in custody.
And another witness Hector Sichitenga was the arresting officer at Chelston Police Station told the court that on the material day, he reported on duty around 15:00 hours and he was allocated with a docket concerning a male who was detained for posing in a Zambia Police Service uniform.
He said the suspect who was apprehended at Big Jose Market by Superintendent Musonda was subjected to interviews.
Mr Sichitenga testified that Mulenga failed to give a satisfactory answer when he was warned and cautioned.
He said it was at this time when he decided to arrest and charge Mulenga for the offence of posing with a Zambia Police uniform.