Passion, uncensored sex lands man in court

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

WHAT might have seemed like a harmless one month of passion and uncensored sexual relations with his neighbour’s daughter has landed a 35-year-old man of Livingstone in court for elopement.

John Mwananyambe of house number C141 Indeco Township said his former neighbour and in-law David Zimba of Batoka township eloped with his daughter Mwambwa Mulope in 2012 and stayed with her in his house for one month so he could have sex with her.
Mwananyambe said Zimba lured Mulope to Livingstone on pretext that he wanted her to deliver his payslips for him after relocating from Mbala. Zimba and Mwamba were once married but later divorced.
“When he was transferred to Livingstone, he started calling my daughter asking her to take his payslips to him. Once there, he took advantage of her and started having sexual relations with her for the one month he kept her there yet he has not married her,” he said.
Mwananyambe, 45, was narrating in the Livingstone local court before local court principal magistrate Harrison Kabwenga in a case in which he sued Zimba for compensation for elopement.
“After their divorce, Zimba was ordered to pay Mwamba K200 monthly but he never paid. Then he decided to elope with her to Livingstone where they stayed together for one month then sent her back to Mbala to create room in the house for the woman he wanted to marry,” he said.
Mwananyambe said Zimba was charged him K800 for elopement but he failed to pay.
And Mwamba said she used to engage in sexual relations with Zimba in the one month she stayed at his house.
“We had sex every day in the one month I stay with him until he asked me to leave saying he cannot stay with me because he wants to marry another woman. But why did he continue having sexual relations with me if he was not interested in me and we were not married?” she asked.
But Zimba denied coercing Mwamba to follow him to Livingstone so he could have sexual relations with her.
“I just took advantage of her trip to bring my payslips but I never had sex with her. We never slept in the same room,” he said.
The court upheld the claim and ordered Zimba to pay Mwananyambe K2000 as compensation for elopement.