Court restrains police officer to visit ex-wife

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

IN A typical case of love gone sour, a Lusaka policeman has been threatening to shoot his former wife after the two broke up.

Idah Phiri 34, of Chazanga narrated in the Matero local court that she fears for her life and that of her daughter because her former husband Philip Mwanza 39, of Matero Township has also been threatening to slash her throat and break her jaw.
Phiri sued Mwanza for restraining order over threats. The case was heard before magistrate Lewis Mumba. The couple who divorced eight years ago have one child together.
“Mwanza has been monitoring my movements. Sometimes he would come to my office and start tearing pictures on my wall and insult me in front of my workmates. He even refuses to pay tuition fees for her his daughter,” she said.
She wondered why he monitors her when he has re-married and has children with his new wife.
“I want him to stop interfering with my life. He claims he wants me to refund him for all the money he spent sending me to college when we were married or else he will shoot me,” Phiri said.
Mwanza said Phiri is an ungrateful woman as she does not appreciate what he did for her by sending her to school to further her education.
“It’s not true that I have been threatening to kill her. The thing is that I am an officer and I move with the gun everywhere I go,” he said.
The court granted a restraining order and warned of an arrest for contempt of court if he went 100 metres near Phiri.