UPND supporters in Sinda provoked PF cadres-Mumbi


PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has justified the actions of the PF cadres who beat up UPND supporters in Sinda on Monday saying it was due to political provocation which enraged the PF cadres.

Speaking when she featured on Hot FM’s the Hot Issue radio program Ms Phiri blamed the actions of the PF cadres, who are reportedly beat up some supporters of the UPND, on the leadership of the opposition UPND.

She said the UPND knew that the President would be in Sinda but decided to send their UPND regalia to the district, something she described as extreme political provocation by the opposition UPND leadership.

“The President is in Eastern Province, why should a leader in his rightful mind send Chitenges and T-shirts from Petauke to Sinda when he knows that is the time the President would be arriving. Even Lifwekelo can agree with me such youths don’t need to be told anything. That is what we call provocation in the political parties, that should not be encouraged by us leaders. Note that youth cannot even manage to buy a chitenge or a T-shirt,” she said

And when asked by a caller why the police were quick to arrest the suspected UPND cadres in Choma when no arrests have been made from the fracas at Ndola airport, Ms Phiri said the PF was not even sure about the group that went to the airport due to the confusion which has arisen on the ownership of the newly launched Democratic Front.

She said that Miles Sampa could have been attacked by the true owners of the party.

And Ms Phiri has disclosed that the PF has no laid down disciplinary measures for their violent cadres. She said the party leaves matters of violent cadres in the hands of the Police and the Executive who have the power to make policies.

She said it is up to the police to take up matters of the political violence and ensure that those perpetrating it are brought to book.

Ms Mumbi who featured on the program with UPND Vice Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo also said leaders should tame their tongues when addressing each other.

She said derogatory language towards each other was also contributing to political intolerance especially from those on the lower ranks of the parties who feel injured when their leaders are insulted.

Meanwhile Ms Phiri has accused the media in the country of fueling political violence by writing false stories.

She said there are so many falsehoods circulating on social media and that she has been a victim of the same false stories.

And Edwin Lifwekelo said political violence continues to be rampant because the same characters have been crossing to ruling parties every time there is new government for their own benefits.

He said the cadres who are perpetrating the scourge have moved from UNIP to MMD and now are in PF because of the benefits found in associating with the ruling party.

He also said leaders must put in disciplinary measures to ensure that their cadres behave properly which he said his party has started doing by chasing away from the party those fund wanting.