Kwacha to depreciate more after August polls

zambia kwacha
zambia kwacha

The opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) has expressed fears that the Kwacha could depreciate at a fast rate after this year’s general election.
ADD President Charles Milupi says his party has taken note that what is being done to hold the Country’s currency at K11 to a Dollar is artificial and unsustainable.
In an interview, Mr. Milupi says his party also understands that government is doing this by allegedly using some of the Eurobond monies.
He says government is stabilizing the Kwacha in this manner simply to make it appear that the currency has stabilized up until the general election in August.
Mr. Milupi has however warned that the danger is that the Kwacha might lose value to levels of the Zimbabwean Dollar especially if the ruling PF wins the general election.