Cleo Ice Queen ‘Turns Up’

Cleo Ice Queen
Cleo Ice Queen

CLEO Ice Queen has released a new single from her debut album Geminice titled Turn Up, which is produced by KB of K-Army and features afro hip-hop group Urban Hype.
The single, whose video Cleo says is likely to be out by the end of next month, follows the release of other singles like Ninaka, which features Wezi, and Oxygen, a hit song that features Kaladoshas.
Cleo is happy with the public’s response to the album.
“It’s doing well, it’s available in Sounds right now and a lot of people are requesting for it,” she says.
Although she has a busy schedule — she is a DJ at Rock FM and she hosts SuperSport’s football magazine show Bola Yapa Zed — Cleo says her schedule will not stop her from making more music and fans can expect a second album later this year.
“I’m busy but I manage to stay on top of everything by properly managing my time.”
Cleo gained widespread fame in 2013 when she took part in Big Brother: The Chase, where she came second. Since then, she has been a Proflight Zambia brand ambassador, hosted Dreams Zambia competition and has done several songs with the likes of Jay Rox, JK and Chef 187.
Although hip-hop is largely a male-dominated industry, Cleo has been able to make her mark on the Zambian hip-hop scene. Asked if she struggles for people to take her seriously as a female rapper, Cleo says no.
“My work speaks for itself, so no! I don’t face that problem.”
Last year, Cleo won an African Music Magazine Award (AFRIMMA) for Best Female southern Africa, a moment she describes as one of the highlights of her music career.