Woman buries newly born baby alive

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

POLICE in Mbala have apprehended a 34 year old woman of Kowa village who allegedly attempted to murder her newly born female infant by burying her alive in a shallow grave.
Northern province police chief Bonny Kapeso says the incident occurred on Monday around 08.00 hours.
Mr Kapeso said the matter was reported to the police by Kowa village headman Fred Siuluta,72,around 19.10 hours after he was informed about the incident by the villagers who exhumed the infant upon hearing her cries from the grave.
He has identified the suspect as Mercy Nauluta.
“There is case of attempted murder, where a village headman reported that one of his subjects buried her newly born baby in a shallow grave immediately after delivery.But the infant’s life was saved by some villagers who exhumed her from the grave after they heard crying.We are yet to formally charge and arrest the suspect but she is currently detained for questioning,” Mr Kapeso said.
Mr Kapeso said the baby was rushed to Mbala general hospital and that she is in a stable condition.