Choma man imprisoned for 14 days for prefering to send brother to college over providing food for children

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A Choma man has been convicted and sentenced to 14 days imprisonment in default, a K50.00 fine for prefering to send his young brother to college over providing food for his children.
Local court magistrate Jeff Mikunga today found Brian Mwaanga 40, an employee of Southern Water and Sewarage Company (SWASCO), guilty in a contempt of court case after the convict failed to pay for his two children in child maintenance as ordered by the court in its divorce ruling.
In the case Peope versus Brian Mwaanga of Kachacha Compound, the defedant told the court that he had not been paying child maintenance from October 2015 to date because he was sponsoring his 26 year old brother to college.
The court wondered whether he would rather have his children starve to death but pay for his brother’s college fees before sentencing him to a 14 day jail sentense in default a K50.00 fine.
The court further ordered Mwaanga who is in K1,800 arrears in child maintenance, to pay K1,000 through the court before February 9, 2016 and afterwards continue with K300.00, a monthly charge for his two children in child support without fail.