Hubby chases away visitors to save food

Lusaka High Court

A LUSAKA housewife has refused to reconcile with her husband because he weighs mealie-meal and wants her to be indoors all the time.
Luyunda Sakala, 33, of Zanimuone Township sued Mercy Ngoma, 28, for reconciliation following unresolved marital disputes.
Ngoma testified in court that it was shocking that her husband brought her to court for reconciliation after keeping her like a chicken.
Ngoma told the Matero local court that she had never been happy from the time the duo got married in 2003 and that dowry was paid to her parents.
Ngoma said she initially never fell in love with her husband since they were just matched by their parents and, for that reason, she experienced hardships as the husband was fond of weighing the bag of mealie meal daily.
She recounted that her husband chased all her relatives who visited them to save food.
“My husband counts everything he buys and if the measurements are not equal, he would insult me and starve me, including children,” Ngoma said.
She said Sakala denied her from interacting with friends and subjected her to having one meal a day, stating that he had no money for a luxurious three-meal order.
Ngoma further stated that the only thing that would reconcile her back to her husband were the children they had together whom she said were equally victims of starvation.
In defence, Sakala said he never had enough money to manage three meals daily for the unruly wife.
Sakala said he wanted to reconcile with his wife so that the two may take care of their children together and denied ever chasing his wife’s relatives as alleged.
“My parents chose this woman for me even if she tends not to listen to my instructions, I still want her back so that we keep the family together,” Sakala said.
“All I want is my wife to come back with my children. I will not allow my children to suffer at the hands of relatives while I am still alive,” he said.
Magistrate Pauline Newa in passing judgment reconciled the couple and ordered Sakala to give the family a proper diet comprising three meals a day.