PF is a football team composed of mere defenders


Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Youth Treasurer Lengwe Cornelius Bwalya has called on all Zambians to rally behind the former ruling party MMD under the leadership of Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba by voting out of office the Patriotic Front (PF) government on 11th August 2016.

“What we have in government is a party that can be likened to a football team that is composed of only defenders, who at every opportunity with the ball will just kick it, no matter the direction.” Mr Bwalya said.

“We cannot afford to have this nation to be run by a government that looks at every problem as a nail which needs to be hit with a hammer. I mean how do you have the Head of State threaten students?” Mr Bwalya further lamented.

Mr Bwalya, who is also a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of MMD, was reacting to President Edgar Lungu’s warning to severely discipline the rioting Copperbelt University.

“The students sought an audience with the President to table some of the challenges they were facing but the President refused to meet them. What is special about him that he cannot meet them and offer them reasonable advice as a parent himself and Head of State? Previous MMD leaderships from Dr Chiluba did it and an amicable, fruitful solution came out of those engagements. Ebutungulushi [That is leadership].

“It is for this reason that I urge well-meaning Zambians to vote the PF government out of office this August. This poor leadership style of the PF has continued to put our nation in a poor position not only with our state but also beyond our borders with its policy inconsistencies and lack of intellectual capacity to deal with the challenges that are before us as a nation.

“I ask my fellow Zambians to look to Dr Mumba and the New Hope MMD and let Zambia be saved from mediocrity, incompetence, corruption and theft. We have a crisis and it’s in such times that you will see what real leaders are made of. We have seen what President Edgar Lungu is made of and we also know Dr Mumba’s pedigree. Dr Mumba does not only carry with him the experience of governance, about also having served in ministry for over 30 years, he has a proven track record of leadership and administration,” said Mr Bwalya.

Mr Bwalya shared these sentiments with scores of Copperbelt University (CBU) students and other MMD sympathisers who went to CBU on Monday morning to offer solidarity to the suspended students. Mr Bwalya further urged the University management to act as parents and not be stone hearted but look for an amicable way to resolve the impasse with the student leadership structures at the institutions and reinstate suspended students.

“As MMD we certainly don’t condone any riotous behaviour from students but we have learned over the years through experience as a party that dialogue is at the center of any peaceful resolution. The suspended students are emerging leaders of this nation and are called on to act responsibly but their actions should not lead to suspension as this would affect their studies adversely,” Mr Bwalya said.