Zambia hit by fuel shortage

Fuel pump price

A SHORTAGE of fuel is looming countrywide as the Oil Tankers drivers association are on strike following a delay in addressing some of their grievances by Government.
According to chairman of Oil Tankers drivers, said his drivers were not uplifting any Petroleum products’ from the fuel depots.
Oil Tankers drivers among other grievances want the halting of the movement of fuel tankers beyond 18 hours to be effected.
Government has acknowledged the looming strike and its implications and said the matter was being addressed.
Energy Permanent Secretary Emeldah Chola said the matter would hopefully be resolved before a full blown crisis ensued.
She said that her office was aware that some drivers had already grounded their trucks in pushing for the matter to be resolved.
Meanwhile, Private Sector Development Association (PSDA) Chairperson Yusuf Dodia urged Government to reduce the fuel pump price, following the fall in oil price on the international market.
The price of Brent crude haDodias fallen to as low as US$28 per barrel.
Mr. Dodia says it is clear that international oil prices are dropping wondering why the price of fuel in Zambia is still high.
He states that the high cost of fuel impacting negatively on the cost of doing business, considering that everything in the country depends on transportation.
Mr. Dodia notes that the Kwacha which has been on a depreciating path has now stabilized, hence the need for government to conside4r reducing the fuel pump price