Woman admits having sex with neighbor more than 17 times after receiving a skirt gift

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

WITHOUT holding anything back, a woman of Chamuka in Chisamba told the Katondo Local Court in the presence of her husband that she had sex with their neighbour more than 17 times.
Happiness Namusanga admitted before Local Court magistrates Gillian Nkatiko, Godfrey Naniyo and Diana Nkonde that she has been sleeping with their neighbour Troubious Miyoba in her house whenever her husband Corny Namusanga was not around.
Corny Namusanga, 43, has sued Troubious Miyoba, 40, for committing adultery with his wife Happiness.
Happiness told the court that she started going out with Miyoba in 2012 when he gave her K30 to buy a skirt.
Happiness also claimed that after one of their many sexual escapes, Miyoba bought her two skirts and an umbrella in appreciation of the sexual services she had offered him.
She said in November last year, when she was travelling to Kapiri Mposhi, Miyoba told her to call him when she reached Kabwe so that they could go to a guesthouse.
“When I refused to enter the guesthouse because I needed to be at home at the time, Miyoba got upset with me and threatened me that he was going to inform my family about our relationship,” she said.
She said she was afraid of telling her husband fearing that he would beat or expose her to the church. Her husband, however, somehow got wind of her relationship with Miyoba after being tipped off.
Miyoba, however, denied committing adultery with Happiness saying she was lying as he had never been to Namusaga’s house.
He said when he was called at church he was informed that Namusanga was receiving messages that he was having sex with Happiness.
“The messages that said I was going out with Happiness were not true. I have never gone out with Namusanga’s wife,” he said.
He also said despite the matter being resolved at church, Namusanga, however, went to report him to the village headman.
Namusanga, however, maintained that the information he had about Miyoba and his wife committing adultery at a guesthouse in Kabwe was true.
Judgment has been reserved for this week.


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