PF’s 360 achievements

president lungu
president lungu

Many are hailing President Edgar Lungu on the successful passing of the New Constitution, signed and sealed
Northern Province
1. Construction of first ever Chilubi District Hospital since independence ,has been completed and commissioned
2. Construction of Mbala- Nakonde Road is nearly completed.
3. Construction of Kasama – Mungwi Via Isoka road has gone half way up to Chambeshi river
4. Mpulungu Boarding Technical school Completed and commissioned and opened in 2014.
5. Construcion of Mpulungu District Hospital is nearly completion only final touches remaining
6. Construction of Musa Day secondary School in Kasama is on course.
7. Construction of Ntumpa High School in Kasama is nearly Completion
8. Tarring of Township roads in Mpulungu completed
9. Construction of Kasama -Mporokoso road near completion only 20km part remaining
10. Completed construction of Lunte Girls Technical School in Mporokoso District which was opened inmay 2015,
11, Up grading of Nsama into a district which has created more jobs and foster development close to the people
12. Up grading of Pensulo Kasam 300KV electricity supply which will improve supply not only here in Northern but also in our two (2) neigbors Luapula and Muchinga Province
13. Completed the Constructionand upgrading of Lunzuwa Hydro Electric Power station in Mpulungu District
14. Construction of Namulundu Urban Clinic in Kasama Lukashya constituency completed only awaiting to be commissoned
15. Construction of Kasama school of Mid wifery at Chafwa in Kasama Central Constituency nearly completion
16. Conruction of Nsumbu Airport in the Northern Circuit is in progress
17. Construction of Urban Clinic in kasama Newtown area situated at New Police camp nearly completed only remaining with final touches
18. construction of the first ever Filling station in Luwingu by Ministry of Energy near completion
19, Completed Upgraded and rehabilitated Luwingu Prison to cater for larger number of inmates
20. Construction and upgrading of Luwingu – Mansa Road into Bituminous Standard is on going
21. Construction of Lupososhi Secondary School in Lupososhi Constituency is near completition
22. Kaputa High School completed and commissioned
23. Upgrade of St.Mary’s Secondary school into Secondary school teachers college of Education
24. Opening of Samora Mashel air base inmbala for commercial flight to boost economic boom for tourism in northern circuit
25. Tarring of kasama township roads in kasama done with a few likometres remaining
26. Upgrade of Nsenga Hill into District
Construction of Mungwi Girls to Chitimukulu secondary school is almost completed
27. Upgrade of several Basic schools in the province into secondary schools not in name but in infrastracture is amusing
28. Tarring of roads in Mungwi district is completed
29. Tarring of roads in Chief Chitimukulu and construction of Palaces for our chiefs is on going.
30. Major Road connecting of Luapula and Nothern province done only 45 minutes you are in Luapula. Nakonde One stop ZRA offices completed.
Lusaka Province
31. Chilenje Level one (1) Hospital Commssioned and Constructed by Pf
32. Matero Level One (1) Hospital Constructed and Commissioned by Pf
33. Chingwele Mini Hospital Constructed and Commissioned By Pf
34. Chawama Police Post Constructed and commissioned By PF
35. John Howard Police Post Contructed and commissioned by Pf government
36. Kamwala Police Post Started by Hon.given Lubinda and Community, Completed and Commissioned by PF
37. Chilenge Mary Mwango Police Post Constructed and Commissioned
38. Garden Police Post Constructed and Commissioned by PF
39. Dual Carriage way Chilimbulu Road
40. Dual Carriage way Burma Road
41. Dual Carriage was Kafue road , from Kamwala – Chilanga,
42. Chirundu Road rehabilitated
44. Kafue Road rehabilitated
45. Matero Dual Carriage way
46. Great East road from Unza to Arport turn off rehabilitated
47. Mumba Road Dual Carriage way
48. Lilayi Secondary School Built and Commissionde By Pf
49. Township Roads Kanyama Conituency
50. Township Roads Matero Constituency
51. Township Roads Kabwata Constituency
52. Township Roads Mandevu Constituency
53. Comutter Train Zambia Railways
54. Nitrogen Chemicals reopened
55. Township roadsLusaka central
56. Luangwa Feira road tarred
57. Meanwood Chamba Valley Ring road under construction
58. Lusaka Ring roads
59. UTH upgrades and Car park under PF
60. New Districts – Sibuyungi , Chilanga and Chirundu
and not forgetting Chiawa Bridge.
61. Expansion of KK international Airport at an estimated cost of K498.4million Kwacha.
62. Successful Implementation of the E-Voucher modality in Chongwe
63. Tarring of Township roads in Avondale and Villa wanga.
64. Declaration of Rufunsa district and commissioning of infrastructure beffiting a district.
65. Construction of Housing Units at Chelstone Police camp as part of the 62,000 housing units under construction in the Ministry of Home Affairs.
66. The giving of over 2000 hectares of Land in Mpande Forest in Kafue to settle displaced natives.
67. Rehabilitation of Primary Feeder Roads across the Province by ZNS under a K16million project to last over a 4 year period.
68. K56.7 Irrigation Expansion Project that Includes Lusitu in Chirundu, Lusaka. A Total Of 5000 hectares being brought under irrigation to bring National Total to 22,500 Hectares.
69. Construction Of an additional 4000 bed spaces at Unza to add to the 3700 existing bed spaces.
70. K5million Fisheries Fund to also benefit the building of Aqua-parks in Rufunsa….
Western Province
71. Upgrading of Sesheke to Senanga road – K127.5 Million
72. Kalabo-Sikongo-Angola Boarder road – K59.3 Million
73. Sioma bridge construction – K40 Million
74. Upgrading Tetayoyo to Katunda/Lukulu road – K20 Million
75. Fisheries development project – K10.8 Million
76. Cashew Nuts Project – K10.8 Million
77. Sesheke-Livingstone road – K1.8 Million
78. Construction of M9 Lombelombe road – K1.7 Million
79. Construction of D729 Lwanchama road – K1.3 Million
80. Construction of M10 Nande road – K1.2 Million
81. Construction of Mapungu-Tapo road – K1.2 Million
82. Construction of Sesheke-Mazaba road – K1.2 Million
83. Construction of Sichili-Nawinda road – K1.2 Million
44. Construction of M10 Nomai road – K1.1 Million
85. Construction of Sioma-Mutonena road – K1.1 Million
86. Dredging of canals – K1 Million
87. Mongu-Kalabo road upgrade – K180 Million.”
88. Shankombo First Secondary School
89. Shankombo First Primary School
90. Shankombo First Health Centre under Consruction
91. Shankombo First Post Office
22. Shankombo Connected to the National Grid line
93. The Most expensive Road Project ever Costing Close to $700 Million USDollars is in Western Province , the Famous Mongu Kalabo Road
94. The First Woman Vice President is from Western Province
95. Cash Nut Plantation reinvestment under pf
96. Shankombo New Hospital
97. Construction of Schools in Shesheke kaoma and Mongu
98. The reopening of the Railway line between livingstone and Mulobezi
99. The Investment in Sawmills
100. The creation of Districts for local empowerment through employments, and the developments that accompaign District status.
Muchinga Province
101, Nakonde Mbala Road – upgraded and Tarred
102, Nakonde -New water supply system
103, Ntindi, Katozi and Ikawa primary schools -upgraded to secondary schools
104, Isoka ring roads tarred
105,Isoka – Muyombe road upgraded and being tarred
106,Chinsali declared provincial capital- Huge infrastructure taking shape
107,Chinsali – Safwa road -being Upgraded and tarred
108, Robert Kapasa University – constructed
109,Chinsali new water supply system -being constructed
110,Muchinga – declared a province
111, Shiwang’andu – Declared a district
112, Chama – Matumbo road, upgraded and being tarred
113, Shiwang’andu district infrastructure- taking shape
114, Shiwang’andu – ZAFFICO plantation constructed
115,Shiwang’andu power hydro – constructed and commissioned (in use)
116, Michael Chilufya sata referral Hospital constructed in Mpika
117, Mpika – Nabwalya road connecting Eastern province – Under construction
118,Electrification of Mukungule chiefdom – under construction
119, Construction of Katibunga secondary school – done, the biggest in Muchinga province
220, Installation of ZICTA communication towers in almost all chiefdoms
221,Tarring of ring roads in Mpika
222, Construction of huge fuel storage tanks in Mpika
223, Construction of FRA storage facilities in Mpika
224, Construction of a college in Isoka
225, Connection of Zambia Railways to TAZARA
226. Civic Centre
227. Auditors Generals Office
228. Town Drainages and Feeder Roads
229. Everlyn Hone College
230. Ultra Modern Provincial Police Headquarters
Southern Province:
231.) Ultra Modern Airport in Livinstone – Harry Mwaanga Nkhumbula Complete
232.) Modern Intercity and Intracity Bus Terminal Complete
233.) Modern Market in Livingstone 80% complete
234.) Township Roads in Livingstone 100% completed
235.) Township Roads in Choma are 50% complete
236.) State of Art Hospital in Munyumbwe Gwembe is 100% completed
237.) Pemba is now a district with running tap water after 50 years of independence.
238.) Monze township roads are completed
239.) Mazabuka Township Roads
240.) Health Posts in almost all the Districts in the Province
241.) Bottom road on course
242.) Modern Secondary School in Gwembe with 800 pupils attending capacity
243.) Modern Secondary school in Sibongile 100% Complete
244.) Three storey office Blockin choma with over 200 houses 100% complete
245.) Bottom Road Phase one complete
246.) Kazungula Road 100% complete
247.) Tourist Modern Market in Livingstone
248.) Refurbishment of Livingstone General Hospital
249.) Creation of New Districts
250.) Construction of Bridges in rural areas Mbila
251) Restocking Cattle Programmes
252) Kafue – Mazabuka Road done
253) Livingstone – Falls town Road done
254.) Airport Road Livingstone , Zimba Livingstone road done
255.) Water and drainage systems in Choma 50% complete
256.) The upgrading of Choma Town to Provincial headquarter done
257.) New Telecommunication towers done no more ZNBC Sinkobo problems
258.) ZESCO Sub-station across the Province installed
259.) Agriculture Programmes to improve cattle intensified in PF
360.) Appointment of Richard Siamunene as Defense Minister.