My hubby is a having a sexual relationship with his sister

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

DENIED her conjugal rights, a woman has told a local court that she suspects her husband could be having a sexual relationship with his sister.
Before the Chawama local court in Lusaka was Lisa Chirwa, 25, who said the relationship between her husband and his sister Pamela Zuba, 27, was unusual because he prefers to spend late nights with his sister at the expense of her, his wife.
Chirwa told local court magistrate Kasonde Chansa in a case in which Chirwa sued Zuba for compensation for insults.
Chirwa said that problems in her marriage started when her sister-in-law completed college and moved into a house near them.
“Zuba comes to visit every day around 20:00 hours when my husband comes home from work. After supper, the two remain in the living room chatting before he escorts her home, situated about five minutes from ours.
“But he only returns home around 01:00 hours. I don’t understand what they discuss [from that time] until 01:00 hours every night,” she said.
Chirwa complained that her husband has also been make love to her since October last year when Zuba moved into their neighbourhood.
“He no longer finds me sexually attractive yet spends his time and money spoiling his sister and taking her out of town on weekends. I have tried everything to seduce him but it has failed. He doesn’t even bother touching me when we are in bed together. He is not even moved when I touch him,” she said.
Chirwa said her husband has even suspended their plans of starting a family after Zuba started frequenting their home. She said her husband has since moved out of their home after she confronted him about her suspicions.
“When my husband moved out, I sent Zuba a text on WhatsApp accusing her of being the cause of the problems in our marriage. But she started insulting me and that’s how we started exchanging insults on Whatsapp,” she said.
But Zuba told the court Chirwa is a jealous woman who monitors her husband’s movements.
“I am tired of these accusations. Everyone thinks I am having an affair with my brother in our neighbourhood. Her husband even knows that I have a boyfriend who is working in Mongu. I love my brother like a brother but Chirwa is just uncomfortable with our relationship,” she said.
The court dismissed the claim for compensation because the two provoked each other.