‘Hubby shows me pictures of his naked girlfriends’

Lusaka High Court

A HOUSEWIFE of Kitwe has narrated how her husband of 26 years is in the habit of showing her naked pictures of his lover on his mobile phone each time he returns home at night in order to humiliate her.
Josephine Lumbo, who has sued her husband Obed Lolongi for divorce, told Buchi Senior court magistrate Mutono Nsama that problems in their marriage started when her husband got a job after which he started keeping late nights and engaging in extra-marital affairs.
“My husband changed when he got a job in 2010. He started having girlfriends and would usually come home late. When I ask him about his late nights, he starts showing me naked pictures of his girlfriends stored on his phone,” she said.
She complained that Lolongi, to whom she got married in 1991 and has seven children with, was an irresponsible father who fails to provide for the family and usually leaves all responsibilities to her.
“Sometimes, he disappears for weeks without leaving money for food. I decided to get a job as a maid to provide for our children,” Lumbo said.
But Lolongi told the court that he started running away from his home because his wife used to tear his clothes whenever he returned from work, accusing him of having been with other women.
He said his two older sons would also beat him claiming he was an irresponsible father.
The court granted divorce and ordered Lolongi to pay Lumbo K250 monthly as compensation for the next