Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

“You need 100,000 signatures, UOND has raised only 800!”
A petition raised by some Zambians exiled in the United Kingdom to have Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili barred from entering UK borders has flopped after officials from the Foreign Office failed to consider it.
The petition which sought to have the Chief Government spokesperson blocked from entering all territories under the jurisdiction has been thrown out after it failed to meet the set standards and criteria.
The petition was posted in response to Kambwili’s appearance in which Kambwili appeared in a no hordes barred interview on ZNBC.
Any petition on the UK government’s official website that is signed by more than 100,000 is automatically considered for debate in Parliament and has to be backed by British citizens.
But a political expert says the issue is unlikely to even see the light of day as Kambwili’s comments were more of a political nature.
“Most of these people that were quickly running to the internet to have Kambwili banned from entering the UK are just economic refugees making noise in London.
And the most ridiculous thing is that they themselves have been propagating hate speech by doctoring images of the President as we saw last time in those pictures of the annual ball, so really, these people are just behaving like looneys” he said.
He further said the United Kingdom had diplomatic channels in which it can engage the Zambian government on such matters and they can not out rightly block any government official from travelling unless the country was under sanctions.
“There are other ways in diplomacy, the UK can not bar him from entering. Look, the last time such things happened was on officials from Zimbabwe and the country was under sanctions from the British government, so that petition is just more of a joke and people looking for attention, its desperation really.” he further explained.