MMD in 24 hour ultimatum, Lusambo threatens to spill the beans

Lusambo police mmd
Lusambo police mmd

MMD National Youth Secretary,Bowman Lusambo has issued a 24 hour ultimatum to Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) to retract their statement that he was an impostor.

He has threatened to open the “Pandora’s box” and reveal secrets that will shock the country if individuals within MMD continued destroying his name.

MMD issued a statement yesterday disowning Lusambo and part of the statement read, “We wish to inform all media houses that Mr Lusambo is currently on suspension from all party duties and does not hold any other position in the MMD,”.

However, Lusambo dismmised the statement as ‘absolute rubbish’.

” I am giving MMD or whoever is responsible for that statement 24 hours to retract it. People who are attacking me are just vultures not even politicians. This is a remarkable failure of leadership,” he said.

He said while he and others laid their lives for MMD, when it mattered most, those denigrating him today disappeared and they let the party down in unimaginable ways.

Though he did not immediately mention names, Lusambo said certain people in the MMD were misleading the party president, Dr Nevers Mumba.

” It’s high time we respect each other as party members because if l just open my mouth MMD will disappear within a day. I know everything about MMD and I have the party in my pocket.

“In critical times, most of these people who are saying rubbish were just invisible …but I stood up, defended the party. There was no MMD after 2011 and even these vultures where not there but we worked hard to rebuilt the party,” added Lusambo.

He said the internal wrangling in the party was vitiating the growth of MMD and stressed the need for the contending parties to hold their horses and recognise that it was in their collective interest to unite.

” Elections are just around the corner but these insignificant people within MMD are busy concentrating on one person.Bowman this, Bowman that..seriously will this make the party win elections?

” When one supports the government of the day, it should not be taken as an insult to the party unless if being in opposition simply means we cannot see the bad and good in government. We have MMD MPs working with the government, why have they not been disowned,? queezed Lusambo.