VJ hits back

Vernon Mwaanga
Vernon Mwaanga

VETERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga says he cannot be threatened by Bowman Lusambo and his cronies who have reported him to police for allegedly trying to incite the public. Lusambo yesterday asked police to charge Mwaanga over a recent statement where he advised opposition political parties to watch the tallying of votes because the process could be subjected to manipulation. “Opposition parties already face other formidable challenges of not being allowed to hold meetings on account of the manner in which the amended public order Act is being applied by the police.

So there is great need for an effective international election observation mechanism, which must include Parallel Vote Tabulation, all of which make it easier for those who lose elections peacefully to accept the outcome. These are burning issues which require to be seriously addressed in the interest of holding free, fair, transparent credible elections. The abuse of state resources and institutions, lack of openness in the electoral process, particularly at the tallying stage where it has been subjected to manipulation and abuse,” said Mwaanga on Saturday. But according to Lusambo, Mwaanga’s statement was capable of alarming the nation. “We wanted him to come and give the police further evidence for claims which he made through your paper, The Post Newspaper, because that statement is tantamount to alarming the nation and dangerous for the state security,” said Lusambo.

Police spokesperson Charity Munganga-Chanda confirmed that Lusambo lodged a complaint over a statement that was issued by Mwaanga in the Saturday Post. “We are currently studying the matter. We have opened an inquiry file. The complaint was filed in today,” said Chanda. However, Mwaanga said his statement was clear. “I will always respect the rights of even irresponsible, misguided, ill-informed and vindictive citizens like Bowman Lusambo and his cronies to swim in ignorance and ill motive. That is their sole purpose in life and it is the credit they have to their names,” said Mwaanga.

“My statement is clear. They are free to do what they want because that is what it means to live in a democratic society which I fought for and for which I sacrificed so much so that freedom and justice for all may live. I know my rights too as a citizen of this great country and will exercise them in a mature and responsible manner.”

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